Review on “Mera Yaar Mila De”

Mera Yaar Mila De ..

Writer: Mushtaq Mansoor
Director: Anjum Shehzad
OST: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Cast: Faisal Qureshi as Daboo Bhai, Sajjal Ali as Mushq, Sana Faysal as Zeyba, Ahmad Ali as Fahad, Firdous Jamal as Abba of Mushq, Ayesha Khan as Daddu of Mushq and Faryal Mehmood as Mehru.
producer: bing bang
production: Fahad Mustafa, Dr. Ali Kazmi
aired on ARY Digital




A Pakistani drama inspired by Indian movie “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” more or less..
Still would say a better way of portraying this melodrama..
In start i felt it was being dragged at couple of times., its very obvious that our very own K-Electric doesn’t give us time to watch out drama in real time but this drama i would say watch in one go so that if u want to fast forward some scenes u can. There are some very slow scenes very chewy scenes., but still in end i would rate it 6-10..but i would rate its OST 9-10. I personally liked and enjoyed its OST, good job at the title track..




In the last episode of “Mera Yaar Mila de” we all had a clue of how it will end., and yes it ends really as predicted. Mushq chooses Dabbo over Fahad. Sometimes respect care trust and security, over comes love. I know that its all part of love but sometimes the one we love is unable to provide all this…

And this what exactly happened in the drama..



so in end after all curiosity Mushq was finally in-front of Fahad and before Fahad could say a word she stops him says her point of view and leave him forever..
honestly for a moment i also felt bad for Fahad but it was a good choice she made.

as we all know the followers of this drama that how it ends and what was going on in this whole epic drama.,

people critics on Mushq for leaving Fahad at the very last min., they probably felt sad for Fahad as he loved a lot. what I find is lack towards Mushq sentiments., no one paid attention to Mushq., she left everything for Fahad and fahad was no longer there., he kneel down in front of her mother and was going to marry another girl where as Mushq had betrayed her father so many times abandoned her family and sacrifice everything she had… in last only Faisal Qureshi give her all what she lost love respect care protection what ever she expects from fahad and fahad was unable to provide it…

In my opinion girl if she loves some one she would do everything in her possession for that love but once she finds its of no use she would seal everything and that’s what happen., Mushq got to know that fahad can never actually accepts her with all this pride and things, he can love but its useless when u can not provide security to a women u love, so she made a right choice at last min… but this is a man’s world where no one would care for a girls decision and will always think of this as wrong..
hope when u all watch this u would somewhere agree to this point as well..

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