Edhi: the man who won our hearts


Abdul Sattar Edhi, a name to which when you listen, you feel a great pang of respect for him- right there from the bottom of your heart. He was a philanthropist, social activist, ascetic and the most important a humanitarian. I haven’t seen such a respectable and down to earth person. I don’t think we can ever get a man on the land of Pakistan like Edhi Sahab. The nation is deeply grieved and sorrowed at the death of Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi.

source: blogs.arynews.tv

He was a true rich yet  a poor person. I am pretty sure that he is going straight to Jannah because that’s how rich he is in terms of good deeds. He was none less than a saint. He passed away and leaves the nation at the mercy of those politicians who do not give a shit about us. I am not sure how is our country going to deal with this great loss and all the terrorism attacks that we face.


The whole world respected him because he deserved it. He was always a caring and loving person right from his childhood. according to him his mother always had taught him to help others and he sure obeyed her till his last breath.

He was a complete package of love. He made sure he spread his love and make this world a better place to live. Mr Edhi quoted:

“My religion is humanitarianism which is the basis of every religion in the world.”

A young Edhi
A young Edhi source: arynews.tv

It saddens us to death that a hero like Edhi, who spent 60 years of his life serving his nation with the depth of his heart is no more. He was a man of honor but was never awarded with a Nobel Prize. But the best part is that he was never in the league of Nobel Prize because his work done for humanity was utterly based on true love, passion, patriotism and selflessness. Peter Oborne stated  that:

“Until meeting the Pakistani social worker, Abdul Sattar Edhi, I had never met a saint.”

He was a gem Pakistan just lost. He was the living example of Abu Ben Adhem. He spent 60 years from 88 years of his life serving Pakistan and was awarded with a lot of awards but on top was the massive respect he gained! His journey was from 1928 till 2016, but he will forever remain in our hearts.

A number of artists paid tributes to him. Pakistan army attended his funeral and gave him a special march as a tribute. Whether he won a Nobel Prize or not, he sure has won our hearts.

Pak army paying to Edhi.
Pak army paying tribute to Edhi source: www.entertainmentfact.com

Rest in peace Edhi Sahab. You will always be missed!


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