“Height of stupidity in television history – Mann Mayal”

Drama Name: Mann Mayal
TV Channel: Hum TV
Writer: Sameera Fazal
Director: Haseeb Hassan
Cast: Hamza Ali Abbasi as Salahuddin Shahid
Maya Ali as Manahil “Mannu” Javed
Ayesha Khan as Jeena
Gohar Rasheed as Mikael Shahab (manahil’s husband)
Saba Hameed as Parveen (Manahil’s mother)
Naeem Tahir as Javed (Manahil’s father)
Shehryar Zaidi as Shahid (Salahuddin’s father)
Ismat Zaidi as Sultana (Salahuddin’s Mother)
Mehmood Aslam as Shahaab (Mikaeel’s father)
Laila Zuberi as Rahila (Mikaeel’s mother)
Aiman Khan as Beeya, rabiya ( saahudan’s sister)
Arjumand Rahim as Cookie
Vasay Chaudhry as Ifti
Talat Hussain as Rehman (Ifti’s father)
Saleem Mairaj as Jameel
Lubna Aslam as Saliha (Manahil’s aunt)
Faizan Haque as Mikaeel’s friend
Producer: Momina Duraid, Sana Shanawaz, Samina Humayun & Tariq Shah.

source: fhmpakistan.com
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

Mann Mayal is an ongoing drama by hum TV with 3 or 4 episodes remaining… The OST of this drama is already a hit as its QB’s voice.  Coming on the drama, there are some scenes, acts, dialogues which I wanted to rate out like 10/10 but then again few area are very weak, chewy and not up to the mark., why does it happen? A 10 on 10 drama suddenly fell apart and then again coming back to its track, we all know because of the cast its ratings and expectations are very high.


At the beginning of the drama, they had shown the bond of bia and mannu, then sallahundin and interactions between mannu and him, tuition classes to an affair, then the same problem I like her but she don’t deserve me when she was so much into him when all she wanted was him and only him, the way they had shown the craziness of mannu for him, running after him leaving everyone and everything behind her, and him not choosing her, not supporting her for once not looking at her for once, then in the bottom of heart a guilt for life time then constantly keeping an eye and looking after her like an idiot,

rejecting her when she was only and completely his, throwing someone away from yourself and then keep coming back for what u have lost and for what u wanted, money is really nothing but saying and giving this excuse is so absurd, it really broke my heart and somewhere it was genuine … it feels like something is going good and great and at the same time that feeling goes away and feels like it’s all wrong, being right and wrong at the same time, killing your heart for the sake of pride of family or some unknown reason… it’s complicated.. Then praying please please don’t do this… want a magic for this to be right….

We were not yet over to this mix and complicated feeling when this new entry comes in; gohar rasheed as meekail, doing full  justice with his character, seriously hating his role., but good work by him.. The side of his parents like what we say “Ameer baap ki bigri hue olaad” this caption matches with his role. A poker man and what other proverb is said “fitrat nahi badli jasakti” so he is a poker man and cannot be changed. He is not interested in getting married but still gets married and keeps irritating mannu.., All thanks to the Director that these episodes were fast forwarded…


On other side just because u have served an old man he had left a huge house for u that’s insane, who does that ? that’s just a useless turning point to uplift story… else there was no point of putting this…. this servant “jamil”, suddenly becomes angel from a devil after the death of Talat Hussain. Quits that job and stays with sallahuddin who then suddenly builds a work empire and the actual son (ifti)  doesn’t even know anything about it and doesn’t even give a shit about it, everything is so smooth which was lame… may be luck favors someone but it’s just 1%…..

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3 thoughts on ““Height of stupidity in television history – Mann Mayal”

  • July 15, 2016 at 11:13 am

    I noticed a lot of nonsense facts in it, like for example the location of Sallahuddin’s home the famous kotri bridge are located in Hyderabad and they were showing that they (Mannu and Sallahuddin) are basically from Hyderabad… After second half when Mannu was going to her home to meet her parents she went via airplane, for their kind information that Hyd’s airport is not in use… After 23rd Episode they suddenly realize that Mannu is basically from Lahore and not from Hyd… Lol if it was already mentioned in their script then why didn’t they shot the drama in Lahore instead of Hyd? Nonsense fact 2 when Sallahuddin send Jameel to look after Mannu or search what she is doing where she is going that time when Jameel said that Mannu bibi didn’t came out from her home then Sallahuddin said how’s this possible didn’t she dropped Tipu to his school? ( note that Sallahuddin took Tipu’s name) ” Mannu Tipu ko school toh chhornay gyi hogi na’ after that when Jameel became the servant at Mannu’s home Sallahuddin asked from him that what are the names of Mannu’s children… If he wasn’t aware about her children’s names before then how did he took Tipu’s name that time? Nonsense fact 3 when Mannu birth her 2nd child Tania that time Jeena was assistant in Sallahuddin’s office…. Tania turns 3 but still Jeena is at the same position all the events are going same even Sallahuddin’s parents were in USA … Lol those 3 years passed swiftly but the events were going since 3 years? There are many other stupid facts in Mann Mayal and like me many of you may recognize them too though!!!

  • July 15, 2016 at 11:30 am

    And as you mentioned in the end about the last episode… I personally read that article in which it was said that Sallahuddin will die and will left his property for Mannu etc… I personally talked to Haseeb Hasan and asked him about the last episode in fact I sent him the link of that article… After that he replies that this is fake there’s nothing to happen like this in the end.. And he even post a status on his Facebook and Twitter and clarifies the rumors … And Sameera Fazal never ends up the story with a sad ending… So I’m hoping that everything will gonna good at the end 🙂

    • July 15, 2016 at 12:42 pm

      thank you for writing in..
      yes off course the ending might got change by the time or is different its just a wild guess and the final review is pending… we have just predicted we are not sure of how it will end.. yes there are so many flaws in this drama., the hospital one, daughter can not come home and much more.. i have just picked up few of the major points from so many… 🙂
      hope u have enjoyed reading.. keep visiting our blogs and do comment ur views..

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