Honor Killing Strikes Again- This Time On Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch was a controversial personality and a self claimed model too. She was strangled to death last night by her brother, Wasim, in the name of honor when she was on a visit to Multan.

She surely was a social media sensation and I am talking about it in general. Whether good or bad, all her videos used to go viral wih in minutes.

Honor killing- what exactly is it? To me, it is a butt hurt brother or an egoistic father who couldn’t stand with his sister or daughter making her own choices.

On point
On point source: twitter.com

Qandeel was certainly not my personal favourite nor that I supported her but she never deserved to be killed- no one does! For all those shitty mindsets who justify her killing with the label of Islam should be ashamed of themselves. I mean where the fuck did you read that Islam allows you to kill someone? The brother who killed Qandeel ran away because that shithead knew he was wrong.


A tweet that explains a lot
A tweet that explains a lot Source: twitter.com

Oh and our bloody diplomatic and hypocrite Pakistani Awam! Weren’t we the ones bashing her with swear words and strong language on her posts? Where are we even heading towards? Bashing her, calling her a slut and on the other hand watcing her videos every single time. If you say, she was an attention seeker then you were certainly the one who gave her the required attention.

source: twitter.com

And then all of a sudden we are putting up statuses of RIP. Trust me I wouldn’t be that offended if 90% of Pak awam would have really tried to get her over the right path in a humble manner rather than insulting her.

There are numerous examples around us who changed just because they were given time. God Damn it! She was 25 how could her brother be so brutal to kill her?

source: twitter.com
source: twitter.com

She could’ve been better if she was given time. We live in a in a so called DEMOCRATIC country. Where the society asks you to beyourself and when you really become one they start putting fatwas on you.

source: twitter.com
A girl puts the picture in the bugger frame
A girl puts the picture in the bigger frame Source: twitter.com

And what more when people are saying she really deserved it? I mean what on earth are those shitheads doing? They need to sort their shit out. Moreover, they are the same people who used to watch her videos wit lusty eyes and then grow a beard to look pious.

source: twitter.com

Twitter burst out in the support of Qandeel Baloch and to stop honor killing.

source: twitter.com
source: twitter.com
source: twitter.com
source: twitter.com

We strongly condemn this act. It is not an honor but shame to kill your own sister. I wonder when will a bill against honor killing will be passed. It is a shame to us that a woman is regarded as BEGHAIRAT and is killed whereas, a man is never punished! This discrimination is what leads to feminism.




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