The Other Side Of Qandeel Baloch Urf Fauzia Azeem

Qandeel baloch or Fauzia azeem:

Who is qandeel baloch or fauzia azeem?
How she became famous?
Why she is being murdered now?

A model or a Prostitute?
A degree owner or some ordinary uneducated girl?

Controversies everywhere…
Half of the news says shot dead, half of the news says strangled to death… What is the truth after all?
Who wanted to even know the truth cause half of the people are almost saying that finally she is dead, thanks that she is dead, who actually gave you the right to kill someone in the name of honor killing? Pride?

I can pass a comment that her own brother first rape her and then strangled her to death or more likely tried doing any such stuff like that and then killed her and placed body in such a way that it would look like a strangled death.. There are so many consequences to the statement and condition on the death of Qandeel Baloch…


As per a report Qandeel also had ask for security due to who knows what reason? And who even wanted to tell the truth…

People only give lame reasons or masala to the news, fake news, they hide the truth, they feel hiding the truth and telling a lie would give them fame,.. What fame is that actually? And for how long does it remains?


A Pakistani girl from somewhere in Multan as recently been discovered, somewhere lower side or what we say not much of our personal standards., let me say if we accidently bumped into her at some random place we all would have said oh how tacky is that.. May b our mind set is like that too high…!!
I wrote this because I have read so many stuff that are controversial which actually made me think who she really was? From where she actually belongs to? No one actually knows and whatever statements are given like according to a biography she was a daughter of a mistress, her mother tried protecting her from being what she is now but then now statements coming of her brother and father and so many differences that I believe whatever we know about her is fake… we really have no clue.. we just know a face named qandeel who was a bold actress and was too much famous because of social media….

qandeel (2)

A girl from lower standards giving auditions like many of us to earn fame and name to do something own her own and then not knowing what to do as she don’t have someone to guide her on this kind of way.

Before judging someone we must all know what it could bring us to do things like all this creeps., if we are sensible to know right and wrong we would stop from doing wrong but what if we slipped? Like brain washed for something negative?

We all have that negative instinct in us., our souls are black because of our deeds… and we all fights with this., let me give u a straight example namaz, five times a day we all hear azaan and once that azaan is done our heart says let go for prayers but then mind keeps saying us after this work after that work and slowly time is out for that namaz… same thing happens with a person who do wrong., we are born innocent this society makes us do right and wrong.. Few of them do wrongful acts because this society don’t accepts us, our acts or at times its about blaming and believing… many of us has fallen apart because of this society.. And so does Qandeel…

Qandeel (1)

When she was devastated by the failure of her audition she had nowhere to go and probably no one to discuss so she finds her way through social media to get famous no matter what or how., she believed in whatever she is doing is right as it’s her way of turning wrong into right and in return what we did, we constantly judged her out or misjudged her… we talked, gossiped and did whatever we can to make her famous or to make her who she now was a cheap public figure who don’t know where to stop how to stop… as if her breaks were failed.. She did everything to earn what she think she deserved…. according to my point of view we should never do judgments and point out people like them… in all this thing there’s a part we all are somewhere somehow involved, at first we should have boycott it, we didn’t…

We all promoted what was wrong, whether it’s a girl in jealousy factor or in discrimination or a boy in how hot she was or what’s she’s wearing… we were involve… recently on social media hype was created for her marriage… 2 marriages and one child… it’s a personal matter but to b abusive and hating someone killing someone in honor of pride and respect is what? who are u to judge her deeds ? God of some paradise?? U r a human too..

Human does make mistakes and errors but taking life from her is not something u had to do… Where was u when she had first done her video or blog or made an appearance on TV or social media? Where was u when she openly said and claimed to do strip dance?? Why were u silent back then?

Now killed her because someone claims to b her husband? What if a girls get married and then divorce? Then again married and again somehow leave because of something she never felt ok with?? Is taking divorce a crime? Her brother was silent on her vulgar dance and now?

What about us? Our thoughts? We all know how media line is for girls? We all pass comments on them and yet we like we love we take selfies and autographs? so what happen to qandeel? only because she is Pakistani? What if she was Indian or Canadian? Just like sunny leone? We all know she was a porn star and we all watch her baby doll song pink lips song we liked her we appreciated her we accepted her then what’s wrong with qandeel ? How double standard we are?!?

We appreciate Deepika, Katrina, Vidya Balan and so many other actress whether Indian or Hollywood but when it comes to Pakistani or lollywood we all becomes so low minded people why ??? This is what this field requires to do? Then why shame? We accepts Mehwish Hayat but we all rejects Mathira ??? Why? Have you ever thought? Why being double standard? Nope we haven’t… all we ever want is do b judgmental for others…


Coming back to the topic, the truth about her death and the real reason for all this would not be very clear, but killing someone??? seriously?? Taking a life is not a solution… what if she ask forgiveness from ALLAH and what if on day of judgment we find Qandeel in paradise?

What if she got a chance to change herself accordingly to Islam? Why can’t we think of something positive? What if she completely get changed ? Who are u to see future or judge her out? Do u know what will happen to u ? How good u r or how bad u r? May b this one of kind of act would have got u in hell? Who knows…..
This is seriously a debatable topic… and much more insane topic, because people would never look into themselves but yes they will take a stand to insult judge and humiliate one another… so here u go… u all get a chance to humiliate her and say disgusting things about her and again judge her out…..
but to b honest being human for the sake of human just do a silent pray for urself, may ALLAH guide all of us for right track and for not judging anyone… because we don’t know the real Qandeel urf Fauzia Azeem….



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