The Sensation: Zara Yaad Kar

This is an independent review of the successful TV serial ” Zara Yaad Kar “ aired at HUM TV network.


Romantic, family, serial


Khalil Ur Rehman


Amna Nawaz Khan


  • Saba Faisal (damn her acting skills and killer dialogues)
  • Zahid Ahmed ( he’s so hot, damn his voice)
  • Yumna Zaidi ( Allah miyan ki gaaye)
  • Sana Javaid (she is one evil little thing)
  • Araj Sohaib ( the fraud)


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


Amna Nawaz

Official Network:

Hum TV

The basic cast
The basic cast source:


The drama is all about awesome acting skill, killing dialogues and perfectly direction. This has been a sensation among the audience since the plot is excellently written. So, the story revolves around Hadi (Zahid Ahmed), who is a simple man, Mahnoor (Sana Javed), who is Hadi’s first cousin and Uzma (Yumna Zaidi). Hadi and Mahnoor are married to each other. Hadi is a paying guest in a house owned by Ikhtiar Ali (Rashid Farooqui). Ikhtiar Ali and Uzma, the college going daughter of Ikhtiar respects Hadi a lot due to his decency and impeccable character.

Hadi is a man with limited resources who is helplessly in love with Mahnoor who to be honest doesn’t give a shit about Hadi’s sincerity towards her. (I felt sad for Hadi). Hadi is a middle class man still he manages to be broad minded and encourages her to work which she really didn’t deserved.

Uzma  THE ALLAH MIAN KI GAYE is attracted to Hadi and ends up writing a love letter to him because she isn’t aware of Hadi’s relation with Mahnoor…Bechari! Since, Hadi is ohh sooo gentle, therefore, he softly explains Uzma about his relationship with Mahnoor. He tells Mahnoor too because he wants to be honest with her.. but as usual Mahnoor didn’t even care about it and dismisses the topic leaving poor Hadi in confusion.

Now, our bitch troll Mahnoor is ruthless and selfish. She doesn’t care about Hadi doesn’t respect his feelings for her and is certainly not as emotionally invested in relationship as Hadi. For example, she asks Hadi to bring Gol Goppay to her house but then it starts raining. She still insists Hadi to bring then to her. Hadi meets an accident on the way to her house but successfully delivers Gol Gappay at least. And then our little bitch just takes the God Damned Gol Gappay and didn’t even asks Hadi if it hurts or not (isn’t Hadi a poor little soul?)

Her excessively mean side occurs when she meets her neighbour Waqar (Araj Sohaib), who is an Urdu teacher. Mahnoor is attracted towards Waqar as he is more rich than Hadi (gold digger that she is). Her selfishness creates a walls and clash between her mother Aneesa (Saba Faisal) and her. Now, Aneesa is a strong,pious and quite a religious lady who is always in favor of Hadi and believes her daughter is wrong- well, we all believe that. One of my favorite dialogues delivered from Aneesa is

“Jab betiyan ghar raat ko der se any lagein. To maayein nend k ajany se nahi sharam k marjany se sojati hain.”

And on divorce she says:

” Shariyat ki dhajjiyan uraa kar shariyat mai haq ki baat karte hoe sharam nahi aayi?”

Aneesa strikes again
Aneesa strikes again source:

So, coming back to the story, a very shattered Hadi leaves Mahnoor oh and after a lot a lot of killer dialogues. Oh, and the bitch suggested him to marry Uzma because Uzma is so caring towards Hadi even though she respects his relationship with Mahnoor and prays for their well being.  Mahnoor asks Waqar to marry him on the same day, to which Waqar agrees.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Waqar is a fraud and is the same towards Mahnoor as she was towards Hadi. he only pretends to be caring and loving.. you know, what goes around comes around. Mahnoor is unaware that Waqar has been hired to teach Geeti, daughter of a well known politician. She lived in USA and has recently shifted to Pakistan to stand in an election. Now, Waqar plays smart around Geeti and tries to attract her towards him.

ONe of Hadi's Dialogues
One of Hadi’s Dialogues source:

Few days later Mahnoor discovers that Waqar has shifted to somewhere else, without informing her, See I told you he’s a liar and he does this on the same day when Mahnoor gets divorced by Hadi. This leaves her puzzled yet hopeful for his return. AND… here comes an amazing dialogue by Aneesa again, stating:

        “Mard jab aain waqt par bhaag jaye to phir kabhi wapis nahi ata.”

The greedy liar on the other hand gives time to Geeti and speaks cheesy to her which results in Geeti being drawn to her ( Don’t do that girl). Anyways, Geeti eventually confesses her feelings for Waqar upon which Waqar is ohh soo elated to have won the heart of the daughter of a famous politician. Aneesa concerned about her daughter, manages to get the little details of Waqar. Mahnoor calls him and Waqar plays innocent shhhiiitttt.. and hints her of him being in trouble and that he would return after a couple of months when he finally settles out the situation in which he is in.

Mahnoor grows suspicious towards Waqar and get back to her AUQAAT. She tries to appologize form Hadi with Aneesa’s knowledge hoping for a possible reconciliation. Hadi on the other hand threw some bouncer dialogue on Mahnoor and didn’t forgive her… still nursing his hurt self respect.

Uzma on the other hand starts to avoid Hadi because she thinks that he is now not married and she is drawn towards him.. which to her is bad. See, she just confused between Shariyat and Love. Now, Mahnoor grows desperate towards Hadi and wants her to re-marry her without concerning about the social and religious norms.. BEHAYA that she is. Hadi gets so heart broken about it that the love of his life thinks commitment and relations are some sort of game. On the other hand, when Hsdi asks Uzma why she is avoiding her so she innocently replies that:

” Ap ek ghair mard hoke mere hawason pe sawaar hain.”

Epic Scenes
Epic Scenes source:

Damn! the girl is soo cute and so messed up between love life and religion. Waqar’s soaring dreams come crashing down when Geeti’s brother discover and him and beats the living shit outta him.. hah! that made me soo happy. Ha immediately leaves the city as adviced.

Mahnoor decides to get Hadi by hook or crook. She can only do this by HALALA which is not a piece of cake as it is a very very hard thing. Upon getting aware of Mahnoor plans, Aneesa explains her the terms and conditions of Halala. And because she is sooo upset with her she doesn’t even wanna slap her and says:

“Thappar maarnay k liye ch’hoona parta hai. Aur mai 5 waqt ki namaz k liye 6 dafa wuzu nahi kar sakti.”

The best thing about this drama is that they stick to reality and the laws of Islam. They gave us the most genuine way to Halala. Coming back to story, a jealous Mahnoor asks Hadi to leave the house and find another house. Uzma asks Hadi to do the same and evacuates the house. He takes up accommodation in another house where he finds Nausheen…

How the dialogues and scenes vent viral
How the dialogues and scenes vent viral source:

The story is yet to be continued. In short if you haven’t watched this show, do surf it on youtube. It’s one hell of a show. A complete package if dialogues, acting, plot, direction and soo on. Moreover, some of the dialogues and scenes have also been going viral on different social platform. So, do give it a look because it is worth watching. The fresh episodes are on air on Tuesdays at 8pm. Wanna give us some reviews? leave it in our comment box. Thank you!


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