A story of love, trust and obsession..!! Ab Kar Meri Rafugari:

The serial Ab kar meri rafugiri is written by Saira Raza, directed by Adnan Wai Qureshi, Ost/Singer/Lyrics/Music: Hassan Hayat Khan, Cast: Ushna Shah as Taban, Daniyal Raheel as Jazib, Usman Peerzada as Mujahid Taj, Nida as Zahida, Mariam as Zoofi, Sankina as Samina, Hashim as Sajid, Ali as Shakeel, Shakeel as Haider, Shameem as Rabia, Humaira as Ayesha and the last one is Mira as Maidaand. Produced by iDream Entertainment Aired on ARY digital…

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This drama is close to reality. In this we would encounter some family and traditional facts about how people force their own daughters for marriage within the family in the name of pride and honor. Where daughters only get love but no trust. In case giving or marrying their daughters outside cast and creed they feel shame. What If someone outside the family deeply falls in love with any of these girls from this conservative family?

This could result in bad decision and later regret on choices they have made….
I would rate this drama 8/10… Whereas OST 7/10… You will surely enjoy every bit of it. I would say a must watch how family trails goes on how survival is shown how pride and ego is shattered and how things goes. These 25 episodes are amazingly performed… I find that now people not only consider best actors writers but also best singers and best ost for making it a hit. The only thing I don’t understand is why they show ‘thinking’ in slow motion and with background music… But the best thing about Pakistani drama is that they have an ending. A fair ending… they end in more or less 25 episodes…..

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The story revolves around taba which is the lead role in this serial, has a sister zoofi and a small brother… a father mujahid taj and a mother zahida. There are some more people in this family, Maida daughter of Mujahid’s deceased brother, Ayesha is Maida’s mother. Shakeel is Taba’s cousin, also have a father mother and a small sister…

Taba is competitive and an achiever. Zoofi has a very strong bond with Taba. Mujahid taj is strict and dominant but loves his daughters more than life but daughters need trust more than love! Zahida is simple and subservient, Maida is waiting for her perfect match but not allowed to get married outside the family. Maida’s mother had only wish to see her daughter married in her life span. Shakeel and Shakeel’s mother both are quite evil in the story…

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A story of love, trust and obsession..!!

Will Taba be able to fight with the taboo of her family?
Will Zoofi be able to support her in her hard times?
Will mujahid taj ever give up on his ego and family traditions?

Want to know all about how this journeys comes up and grows? See for yourself to enjoy it completely…
Here’s a small review…


Taba and zoofi studying in college where they accidently meet jazaib and the moment they met jaziab fall for taba, jazaib had done everything in his possession for getting married to taba, he only wants taba in his life, but as per taba’s family tradition they can’t marry an outsider.

They refuses his proposals a lot of time and force taba to get engage his cousin shakeel, shakeel is an evil person so he tries do hurt hit and much more to taba even before getting marry. Taba shouts and refuses to get marry to him, but his father mujahid taj didn’t listen not a word, not from taba not from zoofi or her mother, he trust blindly to shakeel.
What happen next is taba runs away from home because she is shattered to know that Abba sunte nahi yaqeen nahi krte, so she came up with an idea of ending her life while running from home and trying to get on a rail track, while she was successfully out of home for a run, jaziab was out there right in front, so he came up calling taba and trying comforting her..

Taba end up going with jazaib at his place, where his parents are shocked and at first they refuses to accept taba and ask jazaib to send her back, she faint right in there house so end result to keep taba safe is to immediately get married. Now taba and jazaib are married and taba is still scared… They left the city because they all have a doubt of followers they know taba family won’t sit quite they would come out looking for them. They hide and the fight is on…


Finally shakeel found taba and pushed her back to house now taba is house arrest and they filled case against jaziab… Here jazaib has lost his father he don’t want to lose taba… on other side they are asking taba to get divorce from him and get back to normal in here, she accepts everything and at last min in court room she decides to go with jazaib, out of court room shakeel tries to shoot jazaib and mujahid taj got a heart attack.


Now things are quite stressed. Zoofi is house arrest because everything every fame name reputation is gone dead finished. Everything has falling apart, everyone keeps on blaming taba for all this defame and torture… Things goes pretty rough in here…


Love is not always an obsession. Everybody wants love. Everybody seeks love but if love becomes an obsession it either make the lives beautiful or destroys everything!


Death, confession, fight, spirit, tolerance and much more… this story includes everything with best of every act, word, dialogue, how challenging things are, how to fight back and keep calm and how family pressurize.. In the end taba ask mujahid taj that u don’t trust outsiders but what about inside? If someone from the family harasses u and want u use u or hurt u then? Why don’t u trust your own broughtupness…? Everything happens because u didn’t give us enough trust to let us think and do stuff… End is always positive and good. After all loss and suffer things goes soft and smooth… It’s a good story and family drama to watch.


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