Racism Review: Christianity in Pakistan

source: www.nbcnews.com


The word racism is widely used for non-Muslim countries where Muslims suffers a lot. But none of us ever talked about the racism the minorities like Pakistani Christians are suffering in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Socially and ethically Pakistani Christians are facing discrimination and suffering due to negligence from the general public and authorities.

The lack of churches in Pakistan is itself proof of how less the government is concerned about this minority group.

The common Non-ethical behavior they face is Untouch-ability.

In rural parts of Pakistan, Muslims force Christians to separate their utensils.

They are not allowed to drink in same glass as Muslims. Extremists threaten them and they do not feel completely free to follow their customs. 

Muslim terrorists killed 70 and wounded 340 Christians in Lahore, on March 27, 2016 for celebrating their religious festival i.e Easter day.

This attack raised hundred of questions on lack of security for Christians in Pakistan.

According to a survey approximately above than 2 million Christians are living below poverty line and unable to achieve good jobs in Pakistan. This group is often sidelined by authorities and are facing hardships on daily basis.

Every custom and religion should be given equally moral rights.

We together can make a difference. Step forward, Step together and make Pakistan a peaceful place for minority groups too.

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