The trailer full of “O TERI KHAIR” moments – ACTOR IN LAW

From the makers of “Na Maloom Afraad” we are getting another flick “Actor in Law ” starring the Thakki Tikki, Main Kehta hun Soch lo and Abdul Qadir fame Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat aka Billi, The elegant Aly Khan and the legendary Bollywood Actor Om Puri. 


Already their previous project “Na Maloom Afraad” was a successful venture. When I went to watch that movie at Nueplex (Karachi), no tickets were available for the 3:00 am show and to accommodate public the cinema authorities managed for an extra show at 4:30 am. So you can understand how much business the previous movie did. There were a lot of adult jokes and an item number featuring Mehwish Hayat which played a vital role in the success of movie.


The latest trailer of “Actor in Law” was released in June 2016 and it has shaken a number of famous / infamous personalities. Okay lets get in sequential order and lets see if you missed anything 

1 – Suna hai Quaid-e-Azam bhi adakaar banna chahte thay


Ahem Ahem Fahad Bhai you need to be careful. We live in Pakistan where you will be charged for Blasphemy if you say something even as a joke about Baba-e-Qaum

2 – TIGHT karein inhe judge sahab , TIGHT karein, TIGHT karein

ayesha sana

Now this is really hilarious reminding us of Mohtarma Ayesha Sana Sahiba. 

P.S. She will be really pissed off. 

ayesha sana 2

3 – Taarekh pe Taarekh, Tareekh pe Tareekh, Tareekh ki maa ki. . . 


I don’t get you :s Why would you mess with Sunny Paji :s He is Rambo of Bollywood

sunny deol


4 – Aye Hero 

hey hero

The way Mehwish Hayat (My true love) is calling him HERO . . . Reminds me of Shraddha . . . I don’t know this is intentional or just a co-incident


4 – Mardana Kamzori ka elaaj aap he karte hain?

mardana kamzori

This is Taboo 😮 Never been a topic to be highlighted in movie or serials. . . Anyway we will have to wait till release of the movie to find out why Mehwish was calling that hakeem for “Jumla amraaz ka elaaj”

5 – Ayyan Ali

ayyan ali

You really need BALLS OF STEEL to even comment about MISTRESS OF MR 10%


6 – Mudassir Sultan / BOLD News – I know what you mean

mubashir lucman

This is what we call “Aik Teer se 2 Shikaar”. We know what rhymes with Mudassir Sultan. But i am actually a Youthiya so I won’t be commenting against him. BOLD tv ? The EXACT same place where Mufti Qavi was awarded Certificate of being a Mufti?




M not a big fan but he shouldn’t be crying man. . . Reminds me of the era when Abdul Qadir used to cry for Zareen.


Looks like he is on his way to kick some serious ass




Here awaam means ME. Strictly “ME”. The way Tyrion Lannister demands a “Trial By Combat”, I demand “Billi wala Song” 




I can’t wait a moment for Mehwish Hayat and they want me to wait till Eid-ul-Azha to release the movie “Actor in Law” :/



Check out the trailer and let the writer know if he missed anything





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