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The last episode of “The Walking Dead – Season 6” left us a puzzle. Who was beaten to death by the iconic villain “Negan”? Honestly I never thought we can have a better villain after GOVERNOR. But now looking at how calm Negan was, changed my opinion.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is indeed the perfect choice for this role. Previously we have seen him playing John Winchester in SUPERNATURAL,   The trailer didn’t reveal who is killed by Negan in the last moments when the miserable survivors are sitting on their knees.

Walking Dead is indeed one of the most addicting serials currently aired on television. Walking dead fans are of another league with that of Game of Thrones.


Lets quickly remind you of the candidates from which one is gonna die in the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 6


1 – Carl

Can’t call him the favorite of audience but he is an important character in the series and the one of the only two motivating factors for his father to live. I don’t think he is going to die



2 – Rick

The ensuing power struggle between Rick and Negan after the villain kills one of Rick’s group goes on throughout much of the comic books, so unless the show’s creators wanted to completely upend the original source material, Rick isn’t going anywhere yet. On top of that, right before Negan bashes in the brains of the unkonwn character, he tells everyone to stay still, and if they don’t, “Cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father.” Negan could totally force-feed Rick this unpleasant snack before beating him to death, but we wouldn’t bet on it.


3 – Aaron

The biggest factor would be that, just like Rick and Carl, he’s one of the characters kneeling in front of Negan in the last scene. Since he’s not a huge asset to the show (no offense, Aaron), it also wouldn’t really be a big deal if the writers killed him off.

Conversely, his small role in Alexandria and in the TV show might be exactly what saves Aaron from a tragic death, since creator Robert Kirkman confirmed that whoever dies will be “beloved to everyone.” Again, no offense, Aaron.


4 – Rosita

Rosita isn’t as much of a nothing character in the same way Aaron is (SO SORRY, AARON), and her recent, sad breakup with Abraham (not to mention her rebound with Alexandria cutie Spencer) would make her death that much more of a bummer.

Rosita’s death would likely make some people sad, but truly “beloved” she is not. It doesn’t seem probable that the creators would tease such a huge, show-changing demise, just to reveal it was a supporting character like Rosita.


5 – Sasha 

Sasha has been with the original crew since season three’s prison debacle, so there’s certainly fan love for her. A bloody exit from the show for Sasha would also make her struggle with suicide from last season, and the recent romance she’s struck up with Abraham (they were hinting at bringing a little Sashbraham into the world, after all), an extra punch.

Basically for the same reasons as Rosita. Yes, Sasha is definitely more beloved, and the look of terror on her face in the final scene is devastating, but it truly doesn’t seem like it’s her time to leave.


6 – Abraham

Abraham has never backed down from a fight, and he boldly holds his chin up to Negan, challenging him while he’s playing his terrifying game of “eeny meeny miny moe.” To top it off, Abraham was the one who died from an arrow to the eye in the comics instead of Denise, so technically his fate on the show is up in the air.

That being said, if the creators wanted to kill off Abraham, would they really have wasted a chance to be faithful to the comics with his original death, only to have him die in the finale?



7 – Eugene

Before Eugene bravely offers himself up as a diversion to lead the Saviors away from the group in the RV, he shares two very sad, very touching moments with Rick and Abraham, even handing over his bullet-making recipe. When he shows up as a prisoner in the Saviors’ ambush a few minutes later, however, it’s a total red flag that 1.) Eugene is literally the most useless character on the show, and 2.) he could be the one to die.

Despite all his bravery in the final episode, Eugene is a pansy, and seeing him helplessly go down at Negan’s hand would be super rough. Almost icky, even.


8 – Maggie

Maggie’s health is on a steep decline in the finale, and as she quivers in front of Negan, the leather-clad villain offers to put her out of her misery. Glenn immediately leaps to protect her, and even though no one dies, the moment between them is a total punch to the gut. It’s just a taste of what actually goes down in the comics (Negan kills Glenn, Maggie loses it, everything is horrifying), and puts their beloved relationship on display.

The comic book version of Negan has an aversion to killing women and children, so murdering a pregnant woman like Maggie seems like it wouldn’t be his style, regardless of who his “moe” landed on.


9 – Michone

One of the biggest theories coming out of the finale has to do with TWD‘s use of the first-person perspective throughout the episode, and how its use might be a clue as to who dies at the end. Since the episode only features it three times — twice in the back of the van where Michonne, Daryl, and Glenn are being kept, and once at the end from whoever dies — it stands to reason that whoever was being kept in the van has a strong chance of being the one Negan kills. Michonne is in both spots, and her death would be a huge blow to the show’s fandom (#beloved).

Just like with Maggie, we’re hoping that Negan’s moral code saves Michonne from a brutal, bloody fate. Still, we’re pretty worried.


10 – Daryl

If you want to talk about a beloved character, look no further than Daryl Dixon. When people started whispering that Daryl could potentially be the one to ride into Oblivion on a wave of barbed wire in the finale, fans were immediately up in arms, even starting Facebook groups dedicated to his survival. Combine the rabid love for Daryl with the same reasons as Michonne’s above, and you’ll have a pretty strong case for his death.

At this point, the only way we could see Daryl living is if Glenn takes his place.


11 – Glenn

“Really dead,” “super dead,” and “the deadest of deads,” are all great ways to describe Glenn’s fate. The lovable pizza delivery boy’s gruesome death in the comics has been hanging heavy over the show since the beginning, and re-creating it on screen (however awful) would be the perfect way to simultaneously honor the source material and provoke a fierce reaction in viewers. There have been subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to his death in the form of bat imagery (remember that scene in Terminus?) and an entire red herring storyline hinting at his potential demise earlier in season six, and with a baby on the way, his death would be hands down the WORST.




For the results we obviously have to wait till the next season. Star Andrew Lincoln promised that Negan’s victim will be revealed in the season premiere of The Walking Dead. “It’s a really shitty start to the season” for the characters, Lincoln said, but promised that things will get better for them down the line (Hopefully).

The trailer shows new villain Negan, but doesn’t hint at who he killed in the season-six finale. It also gives a first look at King Ezekiel, a fan-favorite character of the Walking Dead comic books on which the series is based. Actor Khary Payton will will play Ezekiel.




Well lets have a look at the trailer:

King Ezekiel really looks Bad-ass with his pet lion *_*

I am really looking forward to watch the next season of “AMCs The Walking Dead”




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