Pakistani Celebrities Who Used Prisma And The Results Were Fantastic

Social media is all about what is trending.. let it be snapchat filters or dubsmashes.The Russian app “Prisma” is the second most hashtag used on social media after PokemonGo. Apart from ordinary people our very own celebrities also messed with Prisma and the results were absolutely fantastic. So lets see what happened when Pakistani celebrities using Prisma

1. Feroze Khan

The very handsome Feroze Khan aka Adeel from Gul e Rana posted his Prisma edited his picture on Insta.


2. Mawra Hocane

The trend following Hocane girls are surely not left behind in following the Prisma trend. So, here she is.

3. Uzair Jaswal

The pop sensation is surely up with the trend.

4. Ahmed Ali Butt

One of the most lively and humorous actor shows us his Prisma edits at Lux Awards and a random scenery too.

5. Cybil Chowdhery

The supermodel, Cybil seems to be having a great time with Prisma edits.

6. Mahira Khan

Our very own Mahira Khan flaunts her gown in Prisma edits.


7. Humaima Malick

The sultry Humaima shows off her steamy Prisma pictures.


8. Syra Shehroz

The beautiful and graceful mom, Syra groups together with her sister, Palwasha, Chalay Thay Saath’s co-star and friend Hani Taha for this Prisma groupfie.

9.  Farhan Saeed

Seems like our soulful singer loves to play around Prisma too.

10.  Mathira

Mathira brings out some extremely hot and steamy pictures of her on Twitter via Prisma.

11. Sohai Ali Abroo

Out tutti frutti Sohai poses with her co-stars in a Prisma selfie and she sure does look stunning.


12. Fatima Effendi

The very own cute mother shows off her Prisma pictures and we just can’t stop looking at them.


13.  Rubya Chaudhry

The model also jumps in the Prisma trend. She looks soo cute in her uber cool shades.

14. Amna Babar

She caught up in the race and posted her beautiful features in an artistic way.

15. Waqir Ali Khan

The Prisma effect adds up to the charisma of Khan.



Believe me if I am using prisma. . . NOBODY CARES

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