11 Things You Need To Tell Yourself On A Bad Day

1. Do Not Confuse Between The Things That Matter And That Don’t

Of course, it was a bad day or a bad phase. You may regret, feel guilty, depressed or even find yourself loathing. Remember that just when a caterpillar thinks the world is going to end it flies away as a butterfly. Think about 5 years from now, will you still be stressing over it? 99% times the answer is a NO. So, try to distinguish between things that truly matter and things that don’t. When we have a bad day, we seem to zoom in ever situation and make it look worse even if it isn’t that matter. Next time, you stress over something ask yourself if it really matters? 

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2. It’s Okay To Pull Back And Be Anti Social For Some Time

You mess up things or sometimes life mess up things for you and at that stage of time you don’t know what to do. So, it is okay to spend some time alone reevaluate a relationship, a situation or even life in general. You know why? because you matter and it is your life. So, if you are going through a bad situation stop for a second and think what should be eliminated from it to make it better. Because you matter and it is okay to do things for yourself.

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3. You Do Not Control Everything

Every time you mess up, why do you start thinking that you are never going to make it right? No one is perfect we make mistakes and we screw up but it is okay because we do not control the universe. Certainly, God has better plans for you so if you think you could’ve made everything better so no. You do not exercise control in everything. You can’t just make things the way you want them to be. So, stop pushing and sit down till God handles the situation.

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 4. Do Not Give Up, You Have What It Takes 

You have experienced failure over and over again and you think you can’t do it. Here’s a thing love every time you think you are being rejected by something you are actually being directed to something better. So, do not give up on things you love. Let it be you dream job, passion, your friends, your career or even a relationship. Risk everything until it comes back double to you. You have what it takes to be just a little steadiness.

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5. What People Think Is Irrelevant

Yes, sometimes criticism is good as it brings out the best in you. Therefore, you should learn to handle criticism if you really wanna succeed because people are never happy enough. Honestly, what people think do not really matter they really don’t want you achieving bigger than them. Stop being a miserable slave to their opinions. Make you own decisions and decide for yourself so that you can have the satisfaction at heart.

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6. Stay In Present

Maybe, you weren’t a good person back then. Maybe you did something or a lot of things wrong back then. But it was all in past. Learn to live in your present and stop dwelling about the past. Yes, you did make mistakes back then but you are a better person now and that’s all that matters. God judges you by who you are today so why can’t you do that? Stop being judgemental  and start focusing on your future.

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7. You Do not Have All The Answers

Are you clueless about something and that is driving you crazy? There are mysteries unresolved and there are problems unsolved because no one in life has figured it all out. Stop being angry at yourself for not knowing something. Life is a mystery enjoy it before it ends. 

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8. You Are Enough

At the end of a bad day, you may find yourself standing alone, to fight it all alone. You may think you’re not strong enough or wise enough to face the situation but trust me you are. Its good to fight your battles all by yourself it helps you know where you stand and boosts you confidence.

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9. Feelings Will Fade Away

People change and so will you. Feelings fade away because nothing stays the same. Maybe today you find yourself heartbroken, grieved, sorrowed, depressed, resented or rejected but this will not stay forever.  You may not have the strength to  stand up but you are surely going to be through it. According to a Greece philosophy:

” No man enters the same river twice- for it is not the  same water and he is not the same man.”

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10. You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

You will hurt people. Definitely, not intentionally but you will hurt them. You are a human being and you can’t make everyone happy at the same time. People will come over blaming over you for something that you didn’t even too. So it’s okay, let it be and relax. You are a human and you have needs, it is okay to be selfish sometimes and focus on your being.

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11. You Are A Human Being

At the end of the day, good or bad, you are a HUMAN BEING! And human make mistakes they are not perfect. You will go through ups and down because this is life and this is it is all about. This is the biggest reminder of all because next time you have the urge to beat yourself or punish yourself remember everyone is imperfect.

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