AHSAN KHAN – “A devil on screen – A saint off-screen”

The title is pretty much clear saint or devil, an actor must know before performing any act as it can place a solid impact on the viewers it can even spoil your reputation or can built a new image, as villain are not much appreciated and it’s obvious that we hate devils. But in this case Ahsan khan had performed so well so amazingly that I have honestly start loving him, as he is a brilliant actor, up till now I have seen him doing only soft romantic or a cranky role but this role was a challenging role and he had accepted and beautifully performed this role… as per many reviews and other opinion people are hating him, he had changed his soft image into a different image, now people are like what should or how should we accept him… I never really appreciated Ahsan khan act as I always considered it same style boring becharagi, but this evil and so abusive strict rude n dual this character of imtiaz is so strong that I guess it has actually spoiled Ahsan khan true image.,

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because of this character and more or less other reasons Ahsan khan is now investing more n more time n money to the social cause., there are so many articles coming up on Ahsan khan and his good cause that I’m sure this drama has ruined his built-up image and he has to re-built his image now…

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ha-ha honestly a drama can change ones perception…!!

13900873_10153964898441219_248746568_n “aa meri shehzadiii tujhe gooliyaan taafiyan le k dun”

Udaari!! A different topic has raised this time or I guess first time Pakistani dramas are showing the other side of culture, we had chup rahu in which they had shown different ways of harassment between your own family how they blackmail you and use you and when you point it out your own voice is being murdered, and you are bound to follow the trend and respect no matter what is going on with you… and after that udaari, in which child abuse topic has been raised how those victims suffer trauma and how they fight back or what causes them to survive how people treat them,… this is not the only topic highlighted in this drama but also they have highlighted a class different, when a low class is pursuing this platform they cannot change their background and how society react to them in accepting them and all such small emotions are shown in this drama which is really a good point to raise… then we had kashf foundation who are promoting them through this drama, who are helping the victims of domestic abuse or any kind of abuse or even if you are needy and had a caliber to do something they are going to finance you for the right cause…

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As we all know in start udaari got banned by pemra for its main topic child abuse., we all sort of protest and support udaari., as the episode passed on, the excitement and the thrill in this drama got more n more interesting…. we had an excellent cast for this drama, Bushra ansari n Ahsan khan, superb acting done by both the actors, phenomenal actors, flawless acting., and the rest cast is also brilliant on their parts… honestly I can’t take my eyes of these two people Ahsan and bushra Ansari.. Bushra ansari after a very well successful series of Faisalabad ki designer saima Choudhry’s (Annie ki ayegi baraat, taake ki ayegi baraat, dolly ki ayegi baraat) Bushra ansari had always done justice to her roles., but these are few phenomenal acts performed by her., after that this Punjabi women had once again stolen hearts of people by her act., she’s a gem, versatile actor and a true inspiration for the ones who are willing to do justice with acting… Her role in drama is not a main lead role… but without her support the entire family would have looked really poor…


The story of udaari revolves around child abuse and an image of local singers, two stories one platform, amazingly acted, excellent performance….

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The roughness they had shown I guess it’s the very first time Pakistani drama had touched this area in this way…

How the story will take lead and charge people are judging and more over they had an idea what will happen next… Happy endings are not always but the one who decide to not give up surely deserve happy ending…

We all thought and said thank god the evil character has died finally he deserve this end blah blah and when we saw him again alive for a moment we thought oh fish again tension but more then again the excitement and a better way of predicting the ending, how the character of arsh will protect sajjo and fight against imtiaz and how zebo will join the social work and help other victims of child abuse… let see how it will flow….

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If you hadn’t seen this drama yet you are missing out on a lot of fine and excellent award winning performances… must watch…

Hadiqa kiyanis voice and farhan saeeds duet song seriously another hit ost… another hit serial on humtv…

What else did I miss touching on? If you feel anything missing on u can always write us, your feedback is always appreciated… it is always a pleasure reading your comments and replying you back…


You can comment or point of view and your expectations of its turning point below…
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  • August 3, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Ahsan khan is one of the best actors of Pakistan drama industry. He is my favorite actor.good job ahsan khan


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