PRISMA – The Yahoodi Saazish & Illuminati Tool To Destroy Muslims

Prisma and Doraemon is the talk of the town these days. But let’s just talk about Prisma for now and how its a Yahoodi saazish for us Muslims so much that it has engaged almost every Pakistani celebrity to use it and appear 10 times hotter (not that they are any less hot without it.)

Not only just celebrities, we see every other person in our friends list with Prisma edited pictures. I for some reason didn’t use it till now but seeing so much fantastic transformations made me use it. So, I used Prisma to edit some random objects of my house, because my selfie game is not so strong and I was pretty bored too. I ended up with these cool images and my mind was blown at how amazing the results were:


The transformation of my anniversary cupcake.


The artistic transformation of my stationery stash.


The inception wala transformation of this painting.


Or the not so different transformation of this kitchen


The mind blowing transformation of Karachi city.


Another painting inception transformation.


But how does this make Prisma a ‘Yahoodi Sazish’? Well, being the normal person of this society I also tend to look at the negatives rather than the positives of others and pinpoint it to the very extent. Lets look at it from the perspective of a desi aunty:

  1. First things first, Prisma has a triangular shaped logo for the app which clearly means that its illuminati. Yes, because anything triangular is illuminati so lets boycott it and all the following things that are of the similar shape;




2. Some random guy made this video and proved it so we MUST believe him. Because there is no such            thing as using logic and your own mind.

3. Which means that we can also make random facts and say that Waqar Zaka is an illuminati. Why? Because his nose looks similar to a triangle, which links him and Prisma as well.



4. Illuminati? Illuminati. Because the constructors of Burj ul Arab did not think clearly.



DISCLAIMER: This is a sarcastic blog, not meant to be taken seriously. Hope all of you understand the purpose of this blog.


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