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One of the finest actors in Pakistan, Humayon Saeed



Humayon Saeed, born on 27th July 1971, doesn’t seems so old, one of the most finest actor and senior actor, although he is plus40 and still counting on, but his performance and the way he is still coming in lead roles and doing so awesome work that I guess still many heartbeats races for him…. When I personally wanted to flatter or appraise one of the celebrity my words use to completely go off… I can’t take my eyes off from humayon Saeed whenever he is on screen and delivering some oh wow passionate dialogues or doing some action serious type roles…

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After almost four years, the charm of Humayon Saeed is back on TV, finally. Between the gap he was working in movies, fine piece of work, mai hun shahid afridi, then



bin roye was excellent work, best movie. The title says bin roye but the movie, the act, the actors songs everything made the whole cinema cry, as the lights were on everyone was wiping there tears. In this movie he was cast opposite mahira khan and armeena khan.

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In another movie jawani phr nahi ani he was cast opposite mehwish hayat and soha Ali abro.

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This Jodi of humayon n mehwish was rated and appreciated, that they decide to promote the same pair on television screen. They are together in this drama “dil lagi” on aired from ary digital every Saturday at 8pm. brilliantly directed scripted well performed supporting cast saba hameed and Ansari sister hats off to them as well… the cast is heavy they had to make its title track also heavy they choose Rahat for the job and had the ost as well on top tumhain dil lagi bhool jane parygi., although humtv dramas has more rating and viewers then any another channel but ary digital make sure to beat it, with its upcoming dramas besharam, dil lagi and so on…

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The story of dil lagi at start I find it a bit a little odd., as this doesn’t happen anywhere., the way they had shown anmol’s character inspired by any other over actor or loud actor. She is bold and hardcore girl, then gets marry in such an odd way that no other person will accept this shit…. And even after marriage, the way they had shown, extra careless and no interest of accepting her new family and finding enough ways to dig holes and run away. Like if your wife don’t accept you or do misbehaving you normally don’t stay and tolerate as the men’s ego is far more superior to any of this….

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So in this drama so far Mehwish Hayat aka anmol is obstinate aggressive crazy and most annoying creature… Whereas humayon Saeed aka mohit is soft sweet loving and caring, although a bit don type characters suits more on him but still this chocolaty hero role at this age still acceptable for the fan following like me …. As long as we get chance to watch him…. still after the few flaws I have already mentioned this drama is still love as per acts and dialogues… if any of you has missed watching this one, please search and watch it on YouTube for previous episodes and for new episodes please wait for Saturdays and enjoy another block buster drama from humayon Saeed… u are seriously missing on something really good…

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If you are a fan of Humayon Saeed and had missed his good list drama then here’s a treat, a small list of drama’s in which I really appreciate Humayon Saeed’s work:

As An Actor:

Chaandni Raatain

Ishq Ki Inteha

Ishq Junoon Deewangi


Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan


Meri jaan


and many more…

Drama Serials Which He Produced:



Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan


Sarkar Sahab





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