Songs Exploit Women’s Image…

Women objectification, exploitation is now slowly becoming part of every movie, serial and even advertisement campaigns. We cannot just ignore how it is taking over all of the current TV and movie industries. One one hand it is entertaining on the other hand it is an alarming situation.

Songs exploits women image… agree or disagree??

Most controversial and debatable topic ever…

In this men’s world, whatever men say and do is always right, there are no boundaries for a men, but for women, there are lots of issues. there are so many ways men try to let down to women in terms of dishonor, disrespect, degrade, humiliate abuse and so on.., although women are giving much tough time to the men, by coming up and making name in every field and doing their work with efficiency, but they say men will be men, egoistic and chauvinist. Women are killed in the name of honor but men who does all this are set to b free… men are the one who exploit women but still they are the in charge of everything. For what I feel men take advantage of them by being superior….


If a women is nude and roaming everyone will search and watch and get excited, but if a men is walking nude nobody gives a shit…. even in Bollywood item numbers are done by girls, sunny Leone is a porn actress but Bollywood praises her with an item number song, I mean I don’t get there mind-set., what they want to do the people out there, playing with their minds…. men they get attracted to women then they do stuffs and then when they are done playing they leave with an abusive comment… I mean, wait!!! Hold on!!!!! Are really we the ones doing all this? Do we deserve to be treated like this?? Why always a girl is framed? It’s not always a girl’s fault or anything, its men, “they want daal chawal along with biryani”… it’s very famous, sort of quote as they say in India and Asian country….


songs like, chikni chambali, sheela ki jawani, halkat jawani, bebo mai bebo, jaleebi bai, fevicol se, baby doll mai soni de… these songs portray an image of Sexual arousal in women, that how hot they are, how eagerly they want to have sex or how desperate they are for selling their selves…

without an item song or a song which shows an image like this, movie feels incomplete… now these trends are followed by Pakistani lollywood, they are copying the item song concept, wrong number has selfiyan re selfiyan, with a cheap dance, I mean it doesn’t suits us, na maloom afraad has billi, then jpna has jalwa song, karachi s lahore had tutti fruity hun mai, even in ads where there is no need for a dance number they are adding it… like freshup ad and mobile ad… featuring mehwish hayat… why copying there style ? Just for the sake of movie to make it a hit else it will be a bored and non-rated movie?

More over why is the song’s lyrics pursue or leads to women sexuality, it feels like harassing or trespassing something…

Is it really necessary to put an item number to make a movie hit or to portray all this….

at a show someone asked Salman khan that if an item number is done by malika Arora khan that song is no longer cheap or anything, if done by kareen Katrina it is well appreciated, but the same song if done by rakhi savant or any other ordinary girl it’s a cheap item number it is cheap in every way., why is that so., why the mind set of people is set like this? Why do they promote item number? There are so many why’s to the directors producers censor board and audience specially, what they really want to see, and how they want their child to do things., because teenagers are more attracted towards these types of stories… and that’s what make things complicated…

Leave or comments because it’s a debatable topic and everyone has their own way to accept reality and face it….



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