Favorite “PHADDAY” and “CONFLICTS” of Pakistanis

You know whats the hobby of majority of Pakistanis? ARGUING WITH OTHERS. . . They will argue or Phadda over literally anything.

Allow me to give a few examples of “Phadday” Pakistanis have been doing 



source: sites.psu.edu

We all know Malala and the epic head-shot which failed to kill her and she survived miraculously.  

There is one school of thought who considers Malala as a Legend, Daughter of the Nation and Goddess of education.

Another school of thought says she is just a drama, a planted issue to divert the attention from the main issues faced by Pakistan. There are many points creating doubts over the credibility of Malala. Like I have never heard anyone surviving a head-shot. Even Wolverine is not heard to have such an amazing healing ability

source: moviepilot.com
source: moviepilot.com

Apparently she is going to school in UK but as she is always on tours collecting prizes and blah blah blah how is she attending classes regularly? She is not coming back to Pakistan but did the APS students left the country when they were attack and around 150 of their fellows died?

Well this is just my opinion. I am not asking anyone to agree with me.


Shahid Khan Afridi – LEGEND or USELESS

Shahid Afridi is a guy loved by millions whether he performs or gets bowled for a zero. His fans are not limited to Pakistan only but all over the world cricket fans are either his lovers or his haters. He is wildly known as BOOM BOOM due to his BOOM BOOM performance (rarely seen)

source: muxlay.com
source: muxlay.com

So when it comes to Afridi we have two schools of thought.

The first one who talks after careful examination of his records and statistics. These people are actually intellectuals but called “HATERS” only because they criticize Afridi due to his poor performance, inconsistency and arrogance.  

The second school of thought has quite a strong point “BUT BUT BUT THOSE TWO SIXES???”


Sharmeen Obaid – PRIDE or DISGRACE 

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, a Pakistani film maker, brought 2 Oscars to Pakistan, the first documentary based on Acid victim and the second one on honor killing. 

source: tribune.com.pk
source: tribune.com.pk

She is also another favorite topic of Pakistanis to argue over. A large number of people admire her efforts as she is highlighting a number of problems of Pakistan like acid victims and honor killings. 

Another large number of people hate her because she highlighted these issues in front of the world. Those people who can’t stop honor killing are now saying that Sharmeen brought disgrace to the nation. Some of the idiots also call her an Indian agent (LOL).

Well HATERS GONNA HATE and POTATOES GONNA POTATE. Sharmeen will continue making movies and getting Oscars and the haters will continue hating her won’t be able to do anything to impact her success and fame. 


Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the most loved celebrities of Pakistan. Known for his contribution in Pyare Afzal, movie WAR and right now he can be seen as Salahuddin in Mann Mayal.

source: defence.pk
source: defence.pk

As far as acting is concerned no one can doubt his skills but his personal statements have the power to create buzz in all the sectors. 

Most of the time his statements are brave and correct but many times we witnessed his absurd FATWAS like the one he declared about music. The die hard “HAMZAIANS” will always support his statements. But the ones with sane mind will analyze whether he is correct or not.


Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif

source: en.dailypakistan.com.pk
source: en.dailypakistan.com.pk

This is the phadda which captured whole of the country.

First school of thought belongs to petrified zombies who will always say “Sherrrrrr” while they are unemployed, sitting in their homes without electricity with hungry kids.

The second school of thought belongs to people who are tired of bull shit.

Arguments between the two school of thoughts are like:

Patwari against Youthia

Noora against Cocaine 

etc etc etc



source: www.dailytimes.com.pk
source: www.dailytimes.com.pk

Now this one is the most sensitive phadda in the history of Pakistan. Even I have to be careful while writing about it as once I posted my views and opinions on my fb page and saw a number of pages starting campaign against me, declaring me Waajib-ul-Qatal so I AM NOT GIVING MY VIEWS HERE.

Just telling you the points of two types of people.

First one regards Mumtaz Qadri as Aashiq-e-Rasool, a martyr, a legend and a role model.

The second group refers to him as an illiterate murderer who killed his own employer without any knowledge of how a sane Muslim should deal with such circumstances.

Misbah-ul-Haq – LEGEND or TUK TUK

source: www.sportskeeda.com
source: www.sportskeeda.com

What happened in 2007 T20 cup was utter bad luck. Later his slow run rate gave him the title “TUK-TUK”.

Two types of judgments are found for Misbah

First: People say he never scored a century in one day cricket, slow rate rate, selfish and a lot of other names

Second: People recognize his hardwork how he brought the Pak team to the leaders in Test cricket, First ever Asian Captain to defeat South Africa in their home ground, stabilizing the team and a lot more.



via: video.amazingpage360
via: video.amazingpage360

This is the most sensitive topic and doesn’t matter how much Namazi Parhezgar you are, people will declare you a KAAFIR if you are not from their category. 

Deobandis will refer to you as kaafir and mushrik if you are a Barelvi and Barelvis will refer to you as terrorist. Simple.


Sorry for the long post. Here’s a picture to cheer you up


via: funwhoop.blogspot
via: funwhoop.blogspot






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