Smartphone commercials with the top actors

Smartphones are everyone’s necessity these days and the market is booming by every passing day. Not only that, Pakistan is turning into one of the hot and huge market for smartphone manufacturers and service providers. According to a survey, Pakistan will be the home of 40 million smartphone owners by the end of 2016. While the percentage of pre-paid mobile connections are 97%. Woah! That is high and still soaring.

Certainly, when you have such gigantic number of smartphone users in a country, then it requires real effort to lure them well through catchy advertisements.

Starring celebrities have become vogue in the industry. The bigger the celebrity is, the more impressive your advertisement will be and this trend has put additional pressure over the production houses too. Many well known production houses like Stimulus Productions are creating some epic TV commercials for the audience.

Here, we have compiled the list of top 3 TV commercials studded with all well known television and film industry faces.


3- Mahira Khan – Q Mobile commercial:

The Raees co-actor Mahira khan is appearing in Q-mobile ad for some time. The simple advertisements usually show her travelling around the world and taking selfies throughout the day with her smartphone happily.

Though, Q- mobile is famous for displaying Indian actors, but this time it’s our Mahira Khan. We love her cute styling and attires in these ads too much.

2- Nargis Fakhri & Bilal Ashraf – Mobilink Commercial:

Nargis Fakhri had some controversies stirring with her Jazz commercial, but she is strong enough to not to get worried with such issues. Her new advertisement with handsome Bilal Ashraf shows her as a common girl on set who gets into highlights when she uses a fast internet on her Mobilink network and transforms her appearance.

The story line is a usual one, but they both have made a good couple.

1-    Fawad Khan- Samsung smartphone Commercial:

Fawad Khan is the talk of town at both sides of the border. The Filmfare award winner is the newest brand ambassador for Samsung J series, which is produced by Stimulus Productions. Samsung is a huge market for smartphone users in Pakistan. 

maxresdefault (1)

In the recent advertisement, he is performing double roles, one as a nerd and other  as a badass instinct. When the nerdy Fawad takes selfie of his girlfriend, things go wrong due to the bad quality phone camera. At that time, the brawny Fawad showed up and tells him about Samsung J series smartphone and things get into the favor of geeky Fawad.


That was too much of Fawad, no! But, we simply loved this ad that is directed by Ahsan Rahim.

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