It has been 69 years since Pakistan came into being. The country “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” has seen wars, martial laws, terrorism and what not. It is regularly looted by corrupt people living here, attacked by terrorists on regular basis, looted by power hungry politicians and conspired against by enemy states. But even after facing all this shit, Pakistan is still going strong. . . 

But i was  thinking what if our beloved BABA-E-QAUM Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was allive today he would see in Pakistan. Obviously he would be like 140 years old but he was indeed a classy guy so we can say he would have been a swagger. 

source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


Now lets have a look at what he would have noted in our beloved country. 


First of all he would be shocked to see our role models. Qandeel was wrongly murdered I accept but she was not a role model but she is declared a shaheed. Mumtaz Qadri is declared shaheed. Apparently if anyone is dying due to cancer or any other natural cause will be declared shaheed if he/she belongs to PPP. The great Amir Liaquat who is quite famous for his inaam ghar and stupid acts is a religious scholar in our country. Malala the Drama is a national Hero. In the end he will find out that Mr. 10% have been the President of Pakistan.  In my opinion this would be quite hard for Quaid-e-Azam to digest.

source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


TV would have disappointed Quaid e Azam seriously. You can see everyone dancing in TV commercials to sell cooking oil, cellular connections, milk and pretty much everything


source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

Its a heaven for people who want to save or evade tax. The laws and the lawmakers will favour the ones in power.

P.S. You can also own offshore companies while being the ruler 😉

tax chori krna
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

Yar woh section B wali Mahnoor ko dekha hai na?

O kaminayyyy Bhabhi hai teri !

Now the above lines will pretty much sum up the attitude of Pakistani guys as they refer to their GF as “TERI BHABHI” while chatting with their friends

teri bhabhi
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

You will rarely see anyone marrying their GF as obviously the power lies with the hand of AMMI.


ammi ki marzi
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

After WIFI the second most important thing in life is a bareek pin wala charger . . .


bareek pin charger
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


Generally people think that man is mortal but Bhutto family is seen to break the stereotype.

Kal bhi Bhutto Zinda tha

Aaj bhi Bhutto Zinda hai


bhutto zinda rehta
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


Charray Wala Pistol is not alone. We also get a watch and sun glasses

source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

“Jao baba Maaf Karo”

fakeer se maafi
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


Aap sun rahay hain “FM 106.2toooooooo JUST MUSIC”

literally I don’t know a single person on planet who likes the RJ interrupting our favorite song.


source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

yesssss this one is my favorite thing about Pakistan. You will get a CHAAND KA TUKRA even if you look like BHOOSI TUKRA

source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


All you need to be is “Different” (in a weird way)

 We have a number of examples like Taher Shah, Justin Bibies, or that Axcuse Mee Guy

source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


But this is not the case when Peelay School ka Professor Hafeez is playing

source: facebook.com/comicbymajid


Okat they provide quick service, individual attention and complimentary Garaibi too

source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


You don’t need to be sad if you are ugly 

phuppo ki beti
source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid


But when CNG is not available you are not in bargaining position

source: facebook.com/comicsbymajid

The best sawari ^_^ a bit awkward for those who sit on the back seats as they have to face all the other car drivers looking at them

ching chi

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