The Hand written draft of our National Anthem by Hafeez Jalindhri Sahab


Our National Anthem which we sing everyday throughout our student life got a long history of how it was made. Two prizes of 5000rs each was offered to both poet and composer whoever could come up with a National Anthem for the newly independent State of Pakistan.

NAC – National Anthem Committee was established in December 1948. It was allotted the task of coming up with the composition and lyrics for the official national anthem of Pakistan. Its members included several politicians, poets and musicians. But the committee encountered difficulties in finding music and lyrics which were suitable.

On 30 January 1950 President Sukarno of Indonesia visited Pakistan. But there was no Pakistani Anthem to be played. Fazlur Rehman who was the NAC chairman and Federal Minister of Education asked several poets and composers to write lyrics and compose music but nothing seemed suitable. Finally the tune of Ahmed G. Chagla was approved.



Here is a picture of a handwritten of our National Anthem first ever draft by Hafeez Jalindhri Sahab. It really feels good to see some of our vintage stuff 🙂

source: whatsapp
source: whatsapp

Pāk sarzamīn shād bād
Kishwar-i ḥasīn shād bād
Tū nishān-i ʿazm-i ʿālī shān
Arẓ-i Pākistān!
Markaz-i yaqīn shād bād

Pāk sarzamīn kā niz̤ām
Quwwat-i Ukhuwwat-i ʿawām
Qaum, mulk, salt̤anat
Pāyindah tābindah bād!
Shād bād manzil-i murād

Parcham-i sitārah o-hilāl
Rahbar-i taraqqī o-kamāl
Tarjumān-i māẓī, shān-i ḥāl
Jān-i istiqbāl!
Sāyah-yi Khudā-yi Ẕū l-jalāl



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