Mutadarik (Novel) Page No.4
Author’s Intro:

I am clumsy teenager with quite mature mind and approach, lot much interested in Urdu rather than having that English Keera. No doubt I have had a medium of English throughout my educational career but I love to write, promote and work for Urdu literature and novel writing.
I literally hate writing, wait don’t wonder, Let me explain. I prefer typing rather than writing (as verb). I used to write little verses and paragraphs as a child because I am a sensitive person who feels every situation much gravely and seriously than a common man out there. This gave me the intensity of thought which ultimately empowers my writing skills.

About the Novel:

Mutadarik is much more than a novel. It actually depicts the unsaid truths of our society. This novel includes the tragic life of Yawar. He strives through all the thick and thin but life has always been unfair to him. He is unlucky in his journey from life to love.
Mutadarik’s story revolves around every girl in my vicinity who is expected to sacrifice, where it’s okay for everyone to make her step back of her dreams, her love and her worth just because she is a “girl” I mean seriously. She is supposed to compromise as if it’s her responsibility now then and forever.
I hope you’ll all read the book and find it worth it.

The story will gradually unveil perceptions about life in the minds Yawar and Afshaan as per the circumstances.
At the end I would clear a misconception of the people regarding writers. The stories are not autobiographical. A writer is the sensitive and thoughtful member of the society. He splashes the colors of emotions, feelings and observation on the paper. They are creative and insane as per the ideology of a common man.

But PAGAL to me in person, is a composition of PA= to get and GAL= baat (Punjabi) so I welcome you all to read and criticize and comment on my work.
-Javeria Amin

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