Mann Mayal does not Mayal our Mann, “Most hated yet most rated” WHY?

Why did Mann Mayal got viral???

Mann Mayal, whenever this word hit the pinna of our ears…Our forehead frowns and lips smile….Suddenly we imagine the love story of a childish, stupid yet cute Maya Ali and the always practical, Mr handsome….Hamza Ali Abbas. Though we all get irritated in fifteen minutes and less just before the first commercial yet we all jump and sit by  8 o’clock in front of tv screens.

The starting of this serial was a big hit due to the following reasons

  • It was starring some of the most talented actors of the industry.
    Saba Hameed, Shehryar Zaidi, Ismat Zaidi, Mehmood Aslam, Laila Zubairi and many more.


The pretty Maya Ali and her childish passion for the Abbasi marvel was eye catching and breath taking. The way she spoke out with consistent speed and cute pauses make us fall for her…twice  n thrice
  • The charming ways in which Maya fantasize the love of  Salahuddin give palpitations to every typical Pakistan girl!
    Isn’t it??? 😉

> The uneven set of teeth and dimple of the beautiful lady make her smile much adorable.(OMG too keen observation) 😛

> Her hyeee Allah…hawww ap bhi na… are appealing. <3

>The way she covers her head,settles her dupptta, hide her face partially and give that naughty shy appearance make us hold our breath.

She looks towards Salahuddin, as I look towards chocolate brownies! 😛 <3

No matter how practical and emotionless you are, for a while you’ll just stop and and smile, for it is the story of most of the girls of our society either hidden or spoken out loud.

3. The handsome in black, The Salahuddin of Mannu <3 is also the major reason we are always waiting for the Monday evenings now a day.( if you dont watch it online :P)
We all know that Hamza Ali Abbasi is the apple of our eyes since he entered the industry, because he is a symbol of ideality for Paki beauties!

He looks WAOWW because
>black shalwar kameez,
>rolled sleeves and
>that beard!

> The way Hamza strives to act practical and keep himself to fall for Manu make me speechless.

> People just can’t see him weeping….on the other hand he is also considered Be-Wafa which is not by any means acceptable for the viewers.So they just sat down to pray for the love birds to be together. :'(
(heart breaking) </3

4.The repetition of (two) scenes with totally opposite situations make the drama actually DRAMATIC

and this one…….

5.QB and the OST of the serial :

Oh Yes how can I skip this…..The OST original/official sound track of Mann Mayal is not less than a blockbuster.It have two strong points
a. The lyrics
b. The Singer Quratulain Balouch
1. The lyrics of this song are quite heart touching and they are one top of this list of my favorite songs!  <3
What about your list???  😉
  • Qurat-ul-ain Balouch

also known as QB her stage name ,who won more than 5 national awards is an ardent singer who doubtlessly, has an art to give life to the lyrics. Thus this also gave commercial success to Mann Mayal!

The DOUBLE JJ Twist:

Yesss! This Jeena and Jameel mystery is much more unpredictable and unsolvable than BARMUDA TRIANGLE…I just can’t decide whether….. 
Jeena is fooling Jameel 😛
Jameel is fooling Jeena 😀
or they both joined hands to fool us (viewers)…. :/
And this curiosity compelled you to wactch the serial….

The OST and the poster also welcomed your attention! (like a an 8 o’clock class….yes you hate it,but you take it)

So at the end,for all those who got tired after just few episode and started criticizing the serial just look back and give a second thought that why did you actually started watching it.

No doubt you’ll find at least one reason why “MANN MAYAL” was worth watching.
Unfortunately the story gradually scatted and thus we all lost the interest yet I suggest you all to wait and watch what is in Santa bag! 😛 😀

Do let me know if i missed any logical reason of the peak times of this serial…..
About The Writer:  😎
We are Pakistanis and leg pulling, criticizing is our national duty. Whatever work is done, however it is done and who ever put his efforts in it we are just always their to put him/her back.
So I just put my efforts to sit and write something positive and find a beam of light in darkness of criticism.We all need to learn to appreciate.
I came across to much anti- Mann Mayal stuff on social media so I thought to add a few points about this and make you all realise that there is was a time when you all waited anxiously for this so. . . 

Wait and Watch….!!!  😛

-Javeria Amin  


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