The Passion For Fashion!

Fashion always confuses me!
No matter it is a pair of ripped jeans, flapped trousers or long shirt, if you are a Pakistani (no distinction of male or female) you’ll try your best to adopt every single fashion in the market without considering that it suits you or simply can you even carry it!
I mean seriously! :-/

Lets put an eye on the wardrobes and hair dressers now a days…

  • Tulip shalwar:
    I am completely unable to define what it actually is…The design is much more complicated than a maze. And as soon as you wear it you are totally unable to decide whether how to sit  and where to! 🙄

Cigarette Pants:
Quite common these days…the descendants of choori dar pajamas is an interesting and astounding type of fashion where you are no more teetar or batair!
  • Long and Short Shirt:
    You just can’t decide the shirt should be short or the other way round.Buy a dress worth 3000/- and then……

    …….we need to put a broad lace 300/- per meter to enlongate the shirt. As soon as you will make this change the fashion will turn to short shirts. I mean it is too UGH… 😥



  • Spikes:
    Why always point fingers on ladies *smirk*…Men are no way back…
    and for them will you please explain me the logic behind turning yourselves straight away from Humans to Echidnas and Thorny Devil lizard???

    also this one…

    In an effort of looking KEWL, oh sorry Choool i mean Cool you just look piercing :-/
  • Tight Bottom Pants:
    You may say sweat-jeans as well…an alternative for choori daar pajamas in girls but boys???
    why do you actually wear these. believe me you dont look cool at all, infact I feel like you are Khala Rashida’s choti beti who wears I pant with all her dress…I mean seriously too GIRLY..Huh  🙄

    So next time when ever you buy these lemme know and i’ll suggest you a frock as well!
    *slow clapps*

  • Ripped Jeans:
    Okay this one!
    The one i hate the most, of all….I mean what do you get by wearing a
    “Ghutnon sy phati pants” and giving a lame reason of fashion.
    I swear if fashion existed personified it would have die of shame.

    And then it has types….Oh WAOW….as if it is chicken cuisine or the subjects of my major!  🙄


    I am totally in the favor of fashion and makeup but lovely peeps, why do you all shift from your core values and decent traditions to a totally different trend?
    Be a patriotic Pakistani!

    I condemn weird fashion don’t you??
    Do share your views and any dress uncanny design you come across! 😎  🙂
    -Javeria Amin

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