AZADARI being banned?


Azadari is practiced by Shia Muslims all over the world since centuries. It is practiced to remember the sacrifice and martyrdom of children of our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him).


Recently the national action plan suggested to put a ban on public mourning and Azadari which messed up the sentiments of our Shia brothers. Differences and conflicts aside but every sect should have the full liberty to exercise their freedom and religion. Even our constitution provides full freedom to all religions and sects to exercise their religious duties. 

There are a few school of thoughts who may be against Azadari but they are few. Majority of Pakistanis are in favor for peace and religious liberty. A number of intolerant people are everywhere but we can never eliminate them 100%.



Here we will have a look at how people are reacting toward the AZADARI ban in Pakistan during Ashura.


People will obviously protest if they are deprived of their religious liberty

Sentiments of Shias were not considered while putting a ban

The man got a point. When you can have a political jalsa then how can you ban a religious meeting?

You can see the anger from their tweets


There are a few intolerant people who just can’t stand others

Well we do hope that the matter is sorted out peacefully and our Shia brothers are allowed to carry out their religious activities. 

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