6 Reasons, I hate Bollywood movies

Reasons why one would prefer Hollywood and Pakistani Cinema…
Bollywood industry has always been working remarkably. The Indian cinema is doubtlessly been working on mega projects and blog busters each year 😎 . Yet why do we all prefer an English movie:


  • The Same Story:
    The main thing is the plot and story of the film. Unfortunately, other than exceptional cases, all indain movies have almost same story. You can easy predict it. 🙄
    Hero, heroin hate each other….suddenly warmth of love embrace them…..obstacles….villian….SHAADI. :mrgreen:
    Isn’t it?

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  • Duniya mein kuch b na-mumkin nahi:
    They have taken it as a challenge. You can live and influence every ones else’s life after your death. They can induce a new character and it could simply turn the tables. 🙄


    Hero never gets bitten if so he is the strongest of all and he will kill all against him.  😛

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  • The grocers shop on the road side must be destroyed:
    The poor cart is always a victim in the fight of the hero and vilian.Afun fact tho….Matlab bhai iss bichary ka kia qasoor tha 🙁
    If not go and watch any movie! 😮   😯

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  • All death scenes in rain:
    This is one of the mysteries I have been not able to solve since my childhood. I mean how come it is possible that every time clouds get to know that the there is a funeral and then the rain starts. 😕

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  • The Drugs scene:
    Okay I hate them…I mean ewww they look while talking as they are drunk…The best hero out there turns to bhangi in bollywood media. 👿

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    Video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX-50pgeJIc


  • Songs one after another:
    A bollywood movie lasts two hours and a few mintutes. In which the movies is few mintues and other
    You all know it well, a list of songs one after the other. Where everyone starts dancing and second their steps match even if it is a road side dance!   :mrgreen:

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    Do share if you find another reason! 😎 
    -Javeria Amin
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