DUMPUKHT – A drama serial challenging general society mindsets


via: filmipanda
via: filmipanda

Dumpukht is a beautifully written art story that exhibits many features of our society. the drama will up-heave many question marks. It will evoke the beautiful era of the “PTV Network”, which is always a three-sixty degree magnificence. Dumpukht splinters many stereotypes that are equated with many “PEERS” and “GADDI NASHEENS”


Dumpukht, a captivating name by itself, it also hoists many questions about the name, whats the incentive behind it? Yes the “ART” thing which is mentioned earlier, presumably dumpukht (A Kashmiri food delight) related to the amount of forbearance which is essential to get it ready. So yeah “ISHQ-PATIENCE” Are you relating?


The sound track of Dumpukht will make you fall in love or may remind you of your long lost love. They way he sings “Ankhian nu Nazar Koi aavay naa. . . “ will surely make you listen to the song again and again on loop. 

And how can we disgarde the mellifluous kalam of ghulam fareed . “Ishaq tay ashiq”
Which truly defines the endearment and devotion of an individual for his beloved


Coming to the storyline and the characters of the drama that are cautiously designated and the hands down performance of some of the main leads is the talk of the town these days. 

The story spins around three class that belongs to totally different communal genre. 

The drama is going to unveil many faces of our society and group of people. One who are hardcore upholders of the gaddi nasheen peers, who urge from God but via their highly regarded persons, who are more in to taveez and wazeefas. Another faction who believes in one on one connection with their lord and believes that the only controller of our life is Allah and no piece of paper can change it. The two love birds Kulsoom and Bilal who are obstructed to be together but only Murshid’s hand on their existence can take them to lead their life together. HOW ? You better watch it

But eventually Peer sahab seems to have a soul correspondence with Kulsoom which certainly will take things to an other point, Of course.


Noman ijaz is one of the most versatile actors Pakistan television has got. He is a real asset for the industry. The way he portrays a “Peer” shows his talent and experience. He is indeed the perfect choice for the role.

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via: twitter

Breathtakingly beautiful Saman Ansari is playing the wife of Peer Sahab and is perfect in her role. Her grace is immense and her attire for the role is up to the mark. But one thing I would like to say (apologizing in advance) her smile and lips make me feel she is the Harley Quinn of Pakistan. But this is just my opinion. You may disagree. She won’t need a taveez to make anyone fall in love with her.

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via: facebook

Sonia Mishaal looks lovely as a vulnerable, innocent girl. She is doing justice with her role of “Kulsoom”. She is like. . . ummmm “PERFECT SHADI MATERIAL” 

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via: tune.pk

Bilal Abbas is impressive as “Bilal”, a spoiled young man, madly in love with Kulsoom. The couple looks perfect actually

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via: a-plus.tv


Its also going to alter the way people think about peers, As it’s all about your conviction and your stance. If you presume anything it’s for sure going to happen by Allah’s will. Be it taveez or an uninterrupted dua.

A few perceive a direct attribute to find Allah. Some take the spun out cut to the clasp the aid of other numinous and unworldly personals. How ample it is important to be devoted and sacred from the heart then to impersonate. 

It’s not just an entertainment package that comes to entertain us between eight to nine pm slot. It got a whole lot of abstracted lesson which we as Muslims and as a human must comprehend. 

The drama isn’t even halfway through and it’s going to present so many twists and twirls that’s going to drop our jaws for sure. It’s going to mark another name in the best serials of Pakistan TV.


Will Peer sahib be able to secure and earn Kulsoom’s heart? Not just hand

Will Billu quit or intrigue another plan to be in Kulsoom’s life?

Will Mrs. Peer let her own man handover to another woman?

Stay glued to your television every Wednesday 8 pm only on Aplus 


Sorry for the long post. Here’s a comic by my friend Majid to cheer you up

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via: facebook



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