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This season of Coke Studio was not able to captivate us like the previous ones but then came the song “Ala Bali” by Nirmal Roy and Jabar Abbas. The song having Arabic and Persian lines was so mesmerizing that it will make you listen to that song again and again. The vocals of Jabar Abbas and Nirmal Roy were amazing. When I first heard that song I was immediately thankful that now Coke Studio is back to what is was.

via: lyricsted
via: lyricsted

But I was quite surprised by looking at Jabar Abbas. His voice was so strong and reminded me Sukhwinder Singh. I haven’t heard such a voice since long time.

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via: facebook

I am a professional stalker so I found out that he is from Lahore, a singer so passionate for music that he actually teaches music at a reputable and leading chain of Schools. I admired Jabar’s passion for music so I tried getting in touch with him and finding out about him. And luckily I found a mutual friend who managed to convince Jabar for an online interview (Long distance issue). And I am really thankful to Mr. Jabar Abbas for taking out his time.

I hope you guys will enjoy the interview



Majid: Assalam o Alaikum! How are you sir?

Jaar: Alhamdulillah,I am all fine.How are you doing Majid?

Majid: I am perfectly fine,Okay! Jabar how do you fee right,as this is your very first social media interview and it surely is one of it’s kind?

Jabar: Alhamdulilah! It feels great.I have been receiving praise from all over the world through messages and phone calls,since the song has been released.
I am totally thrilled to see the hype that has been created on social media about “Ala Baali”.AllĀ  this appreciation is very positive and encouraging.

Majid: Usually our society has a perception that people who come to entertainment industry aren’t well educated.What is your take on that,and could you please tell us a briefly about your educational background?

Jabar: I have done Masters in Medical Science.And,I believe this perception has now been changed.Most of the people from entertainment industry are well educated,as well as come from respectable families.Music is being taught to children in schools now.That is the reason,why new talent is quite polished.

Majid: Before having this conversation with you,I did a little stalking ? and while I was stalking you I got to know that you are a teacher.What do you teach,basically?

Jabar:Since,I was always interested to pursue career in music,after completing my Masters I started teaching music in 2007 at Beaconhouse.I have been associated with LGS school,Aithison college.Currently,I am working with The City School,as Music Coordinator.


Majid: Have your students seen your performance? What is their reaction?

Jabar:Oh yes! They have.They are all very excited and sharing the video of “Ala Baali”.I am receiving very positive feedback from them.It feels really great.

Majid: In our country still families do have issues when they see their child getting too much into music,or any other field related to entertainment industry.Did you have to face opposition from your family?

Jabar: My family always knew that I wanted to do music.I was studying as well as doing music simultaneously.When my family noticed my passion for music they supported me.


Majid: How did Coke Studio discover and approach you?

Jabar: I have a friend named Umair Hassan,who works with Shiraz Uppal as assistant music director.Shiraz Uppal was searching for a different voice for the song “Ala Baali”. Umair talked to him about me. I was auditioned was selected through proper channel. So I wanna thank Shiraz Uppal sahab and my friend Umair.


Majid: How do you see your future prospects,after sensational performance in Coke Studio?

Jabar: I am very optimistic that I’ll be getting lot of work.The future looks quite promising.

Majid: Have you faced struggling times for making a mark in music field?

Jabar: I have been doing music for 15 years and yes I have seen hard times.I was anxiously waiting for a break and finally it happend with Coke Studio.

Majid: You are an amazing singer and I’m sure everyone would like to know who is your inspiration in music?

Jabar: I have always wished to become a playback singer,so I listen to Mohammad Rafi,Ustad Nustat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab,Mehdi Hassan Sahab.I basically,like all the legendry singers.You get to learn a lot from them.

Majid: Which singer do you like from current era?

Jabar: I really like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab,Javed Bashir Sahab.They are big names.

Majid: They are big names,no doubt.But,I am asking about someone who is your contemporary.

Jabar: I really like Kashif Ali Babar.


Majid: Okay! Would you please allow me to ask few personal questions?

Jabar: Jee jee sure.

Majid: What is your relationship status?

Jabar: I am single.

Majid: Okay so any engagement or commitment?

Jabar: InshAllah that will happen soon.

Majid: Means there is nothing going on right now in your love life?

Jabar: Woh tou chalty hee rehty hain ?

Majid: I am not talking about the seasonal ones,I am talking about a long term relationship.Is something of that sort is going on currently?

Jabar: Yes,that too is in process.

Majid: So you would be doing love marriage or arranged?


Jabar: Well,everyone wants a love marriage along with the blessings of their family.I,too want the same.

Majid: Do you have crush on someone? You have to take a name.please

Jabar: They are too many.It would be pretty unfair on me if I would take one name.

Majid: Okay! Let’s do ranking.Tell us your top 3 crushes.

Jabar: I have so many crushes that even topĀ  3 won’t be enough.You’ll have to do top 50 for me ??


Majid: Now a very important question related to this season,have you bought an animal for Eid?

Jabar: No I haven’t yet.

Majid: There are only 5 days to go for Eid,when will you?

Jabar: I will,very soon.Don’t worry you will get the meat.

Majid: I will wait for it ?


Majid: That’s great,way to go.When I posted on my page that I’ll be having an interview with you,a lot of people asked me to request you to sing your favourite song.Could you please?

Jabar: Yeah,sure.I’ll sing a Reshma jee’s song for everyone out there.

Majid: Since your song has been aired on T.v,a lot of people are of the view that your vocal tone is quite similar to Sukhwinder Singh.What’s your take on that?

Jabar: Well,nobody can ever copy someone’s vocal tone.It’s all crafted by Allah.Moreover,I believe the song”Ala Baali” was kind of song in which my vocals sounded similar to Sukhwinder Singh.You might have noticed that the song I just sang “Lambi Judai” in that my voice was not sounding like Sukhwinder’s.

Majid: Yeah,true it sounded pretty much your own.In fact,even while talking to you I don’t feel your voice sounds like him.

Majid: Now,on my personal request,can you please sing few lines of “Ala Baali”?

Jabar: *Sings “Ala Baali”.

Majid: This was amazing,I was totally mesmerized.Thank you very much for yor time.It was pleasure talking to you.


Here are a few secret pics of Jabar Abbas to cheer you up

via: facebook
via: facebook
via: facebook
via: facebook

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