Janaan-Is it worth your time on Eid,compromising your other activities?

Everyone has been going gaga over the good looking cast and breathtaking locations of Janaan,ever since it’s trailer was released.The film looked  pretty promising and we could hardly wait for it to be released.Before moving onto the review,let’s have a look at the trailer first.

Finally,Janaan is out in theaters.So,please allow me to help you all decide whether or not it is worth your money and time.Onto the review now!


Janaan is a story of a Pakhtun family living in Swat.The family ties and close knitted relations are portrayed beautifully.Hence, you feel kind of connected to the family while watching the movie.Ever since,I watched the trailer,I had a perception that the love triangle between Meena ( Armeena),Asfandyar (Bilal Ashraf) and Daniyal (Ali Rehman Khan) is going to be the only twist and the whole movie will revolve around these three characters.But,to my surprise this wasn’t the case.Besides the love triangle,the movie deals with social issues such as child abuse and unfair use of power and authority.And it seems that a single movie is dealing with too many issues simultaneously.As a result,the plot appeared to be bit over-stuffed and transition from one issue to another was quite abrupt.

Acting Performances:

Armeena and Bilal Ashraf did reasonable jobs.However,they both still have to go a long way in acting.Their flat expressions and dialogue delivery failed to put life into some of the intense scenes.On the other hand,Ali Rehman Khan stole the show.He was spontaneous and looked more into his character.I am pretty amazed to see his comic timing.He sure was a treat to watch on big screen.Hania Amir is a good find.With her cute,girl next door looks and acting abilities she can be the next big thing.Ajab Gul,Mishi Khan and Nayyer Ijaz also did complete justice to their characters .


The title track of Janaan got us all mesmerized ever since we first heard it.But,apart from that one track there isn’t any song that you should be looking forward to.The other three songs are just okay 😐 .


Well,this department has been taken care of really well.Armeena and Hania looked gorgeous in those ethnic costumes.Those colourful outfits perfectly showed the vibrancy of our Pakistani culture.Bilal Ashraf was dapper in  those neat shalwar kameez and waistcoats (with his sleeves rolled up) 🙂 .Since,he has already got us all crushing on him with his classy sense of style and dimpled smile;he is surely going to be the next talk of the town.Ali Rehman Khan looked uber-cool.He was a total swagger in his jeans,leather jackets and casual shirts.Cherry on the cake was,his ear-stud 😎 .


Not Needed Cameos:

There were few cameos that were absolutely NOT needed.Hareem Farooq and Osman Khalid Butt appeared on screen for literally like few seconds.I mean,why would you waste such talented actors for such unnecessary cameos?

Final Verdict:

On the whole,it is a good movie to invest your time and money into.Trust me,you won’t regret it.The flaws can’t be denied but then we all know perfection is overrated.The story has been conveyed in a presentable manner,so it’s a fair deal. It is a movie that offers all flavours of life such as family drama,romance,comedy and a little bit of action in those 135 minutes.Moreover,we should support our cinema,that is trying it’s best to provide us quality entertainment with no support from government or any other source.So,get your tickets and show some love to team Janaan 😀


By: Sara Edwin,an educationist by profession,a part-time drama/movie critic and blogger by choice.A dreamer and believer by nature ? 


instagram handle: saraedwin1

Twitter: @SaraEdwinTariq


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  • September 13, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    Much needed review… will surley watch it now☺


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