FIFTY SHADES DARKER – The trailer with 62 years old Kim Basinger




To be honest I have read the first book ” Fifty Shades of Grey ” and also watched the movie. The book was literal version of porn and movie was a shitty piece with poor story, stupid acting and having nothing to watch except the steamy BDSM scenario which may be attractive for a few desperate men and women. Even the porn and BDSM lovers hated “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie. People and critics criticized the cast of Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan and Christian Grey.

The first movie got a 4.1 points rating on IMDB and was thrashed by critics so I never expected that the team will come up with the second installment.


This time to make things even more steamy the team includes Kim Basinger. She has been a famous diva in 80’s and 90’s era perfect for the role of Christian Grey’s dominant. But Kim Basinger is 62 years old. . . 62 dude.

They showed pretty much everything in the previous movie but this time only a shower scene seems to be new apart from all the spanking and strap on.

via: eonline
via: eonline

But even after the disappointing business of the first movie, how could producers even think about investing in the second part?

Maybe they are bound in a contract to finance the trilogy. Who cares. 

Maybe some desperate sadist people will care.


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