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Actor in Law was the most awaited movie to be released this season. The movie didn’t need much of the promotion as the previous comic flick from the same team “Na Maloom Afraad” was a blockbuster hit. This time the cast included the legend Om Puri along with the Abdul Qadir fame Fahad Mustafa and Coke studio sensation (please forgive me for saying this) Mehwish Hayat aka Billi of Na Maloom Afraad. 

The trailer already created a buzz as it made fun of controversial issues like Bol Tv, Ayyan Ali, Ayesha Sana and Mubashir Lucman.

We can see the excitement of the beautiful lady Mehwish Hayat

Another opinion which seems reliable 

Due to the Jam packed shows of “Actor in Law” even PTI’s Dr. Arif Alvi was unable to get a few tickets

Ahhh humor based on the pain of Karachi people. . . Still a good one


Never mind. . . Some people can’t keep politics and entertainment apart. . . And you can’t keep everyone happy. 

This Zubeda Aapa parody account is kinda rude. . . Nobody hurts the feelings of my Mehwish Hayat okay :/

PTI’s ex VP seems impressed 

That’s a nice gesture. Even Reham Khan endorsing Actor in Law when her own movie Janaan released the same day




Mehwish Hayat getting appreciation from across the border 


Well I haven’t seen the movie yet but after getting all these positive response I am definitely gonna watch the movie this weekend. 




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