The overdose of Momina Mustehsan in Coke Studio 9,was it really worth it???

The mesmerizing beauty Momina Mustehsan,got the whole nation spellbound with her first appearance in Coke Studio 9.All we could see on internet was,people praising her ethereally pretty face.Well,there are no two ways about it,that Miss Mustehsan is incredibly gorgeous.However,I feel it’s still too early to judge her for her singing capabilities,as we haven’t heard her enough.She is just a few songs old.And,even out of those few songs;in two of the songs “Afreen Afreen”  and “Pi Jaun”she had very little to do.We have already seen her twice in Coke Studio’s current season.And,there is another performance of her coming up in next episode.The point here is,THREE songs a season????? Isn’t that too much????

Are we short of female singers?

Unfortunately,the answer is “YES”.We can’t think of too many names when it comes to female  singers.That is the reason why we get to see new male singers every season,whereas female vocalists remain the same.On one hand it’s quite positive to see Coke Studio giving chance to singers that weren’t already known such as Nirmal Roy,Jabar Abbass and Kashif Ali Babar.On the other hand I feel three performances from a same singer,in a single season is bit too much.Nothing against Miss Mustehsan,but despite of being short of female singers we do have  accomplished singers like Fariha Pervez,Tina Sani,Shazia Manzoor,Shabnam Majeed who could be a part of current season.Or maybe,Coke Studio could give chance to someone entirely new for some of their songs,to promote raw talent.

Overexposure can really make things go wrong:

Who doesn’t enjoy stardom and being in the limelight all the time? But,the question is;what impact it would have in a long term.Well,in my opinion celebrities be it singers,actors,sportsmen or models should retain a certain amount of mystery and enigma for their fans.Overexposure can cause indifference in audience towards their favorite stars.It’s like eating your favourite food three times a day,and eventually start hating it.

Momina Mustehsan’s third performance in Coke Studio:

We will be seeing Momina Mustehsan performing her third song with Asim Azhar in Coke Studio,later this evening. While “Afreen Afreen”won audiences’ heart immediately,after being aired.”Main Rasta” failed to impress the majority of her fans.After disappointing her fans with “Main Rasta” Momina needs a hit to bounce back.We wish good luck to Miss Mustehsan.And hope she will give some extraordinary stuff this time,to cheer her fans up.

By: Sara Edwin,an educationist by profession,a part-time drama/movie critic and blogger by choice.A dreamer and believer by nature ?

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Twitter: @SaraEdwinTariq


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