Things they may want in their life partner

While looking for a life partner we analyze a thousand different things before making a final decision. Here we are going to look at what criteria a few famous personalities may have set while they were looking for their life partner. Well I know most of them are already married but we are having fun here right and just talking stupidity

1 – Amir Liaquat Hussain

First of all coming toward our beloved Amir bhai. Well in my opinion he would want his life partner to share love of mangoes and movies.

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2 – Abdul Aziz Ghazi from Lal Masjid

Abdul Aziz Ghazi has been the content of jokes since he tried to escape wearing a burka. Maybe he will want a girl who also wears burka so they both will have common interests.

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3 – Shahid Khan Afridi aka LALA

Shahid Afridi is loved by millions all over Pakistan but he is hated and criticized by millions too due to his inconsistent performance, arrogance and inability to accept his flaws. Right now he is a center point of jokes due to his willingness to not retire so obviously he will never want his better half to ask him to retire.


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4 – Ahmed Shehzad

To be honest I don’t remember seeing Ahmed Shehzad at a player’s inning. He is always known for his unusual and excessive selfies almost everywhere and he may be expecting his life partner to be as crazy as he is.


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5 – Ahsan Khan


Well I really respect Ahsan Khan for portraying the negative and despicable role of a child molester. But the way he speaks in that drama is really hilarious.

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6 – Aitzaaz

We all remember the hilarious encounter of Aitzaz Ahsan and Ch. Nisar in parliament during dharna days. He was really pissed off when Ch Nisar showed him eyes so I think he won’t like the same from his life partner


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7 – Alamgir

Fixit Campaign and gutter caps fame Alamgir is a safaai freak and he will obviously want his better half to be a maasi.


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8 – Alok Nath

Alok Nath is the most sanskaari guy on this planet. So his potential bride needs to be with a lot of sanskaar.

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9 – BBZ aka Billo

Due to cyber crime threats I will avoid using his real name but we all know who he/she is and obviously he/she will want a partner who can drive both roads. If you know what I mean.


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10 – Daya from Tarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma

Whoever watches that stupid serial obviously hates all the stupid characters and the stupid acting.


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11 – Farooq Sattar

Now after the recent divorce with Altaf Hussain he is on his own but since decades he followed the orders of Bhai so obviously he would have said yes to the girl selected by Bhai.


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12 – Fawad Khan

The frequency at which Fawad is seen with Sonam is raising a lot about his taste. I guess his likes LCDs.


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13 – Moulana Diesel or Fazlu

Once again due to cyber crime threat I am not using his name but we all know who he is and we do that he will want a wife compatible with the constitution of 1971.


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14 – Ghareeda Farooqui

Ghareeda is indeed a badass and we witnessed her climbing a tree during dharna days. Her life partner needs to be like Steve irwin or Bear Gryls to take her to places.

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15 – Hamza Ali Abbasi

Pyare Afzal fame Hamza Ali Abbasi is a controversial guy due to his controversial remarks, comments and fatwas. Most of the time I agree with him and will say that he is indeed a brave man. But a few times he was pure stupid like his fatwa on music. He himself will act with bikini girls but will ask others not to do that. Confused guy.

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16 – Imran Khan

I am a die hard youthiya and a PTI supporter but this is what I have to say

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17 – Muhammad Irfan

The tallest cricketer in the world Irfan will obviously want someone to match the height. Anyone else remember “Lambay and Motay Gannay”?

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18 – JAMEEL from Mann Mayal

Jameel was a miserable married guy having two kids and was still hoping to get any one from Jeena or Mannu. He got no ideal of his own.


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19 – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry starts like “Khateem o Hazraat, Slalaikum, Main hun Yaved Chaudhry. Aik dafa aik gaoun mein 2 bhai rehtay thay blah blah blah blah” o

So his life partner needs to have real patience and needs to be a good listener.


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20 – Waseem Hassan Sheikh

The kit kat telcum poder, Butt Murgh Chanay and Bong Paaye, Johnny and Jugnoo Burger and Hanif Tailor fame Mr. Waseem Hassan Sheikh is indeed an asset for the whole nation. He aims to be the best and will want a partner to share the same dream.

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21 – Komal Rizvi

Around a year back only Ahmed Shehzad was the selfie king but Komal Rizvi’s selfie with Edhi sahab took the trend to another level and she really deserves someone like Ahmed Shehzad.

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22 – Malala

Malala is the first ever actor in the world who managed to win a Nobel Peace Prize. She deserves someone like Morgan Freeman or Robin Williams. A legend deserves a legend.

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23 – Mamnoon

The guy is a silent mystery. Nobody knows the reason of silence. Maybe he broke his heart when he was young and then he became silent. Whatever it is his wife needs to stay quiet.

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24 – Mawra Hocane

Mawra’s obsession with Ranbeer is quite irritating and I do hope she will find at least a doppleganger of Ranbeer. P.S. I don’t know the reason behind HOCANE


25 – Maya Ali

Her last experience with Salahuddin was a torture for the whole nation. If Salahuddin had opened the door on time we wouldn’t had to tolerate Mann Mayal for 32 weeks.

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26 – Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal is the most baa-zameer guy in Pakistan and will obviously want his life partner to be full of zameer.

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27 – Saeen Qaim Ali Shah

Shah is always young and is immortal so to match with him we definitely need a teenager

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28 – Pervez Khattak

Pervez Khattak is slim so a healthy girl won’t suit him


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29 – Dr. Shahid Masood

I don’t think Shahid Masood will plan anything for the future. The way WINTER IS COMING in Game of Thrones, QAYAMAT IS COMING.


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30 – Taher Shah

Taher Shah is the legend of Pakistan. He deserves to be awarded Pride of Performance. Taher is the angel and the king of eyes. He deserves someone as beautiful as him.


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Sorry for the long post of 30 guys. Here is something to cheer you up


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