Malik Riaz’s 3 step formula to become rich

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The name of Malik Riaz is in no need of any introduction. He is the biggest real estate tycoon in Asia and has founded, manages and owns Bahria Town. He is also known for his philanthropic activities and is loved by millions.  

But if you don’t know about his early life a shock is on his way. Malik Riaz was a college drop out because his father suffered huge losses and was unable to pay the educational expenses. So at this time he started his career as a low key clerk in Islamabad. 

Right now Malik Riaz has net worth of $ 1.1 Billion and some of the unofficial sources claims that he exceeds $ 2 Billion. Obviously we are not sure about that. 

But how did he reach this position? Hardwork? Even a daily waged labour is harworking but there must be something Malik Riaz did which helped him reach the position he is at right now. 

Well once he revealed in an interview the reason of his success. The ultimate 3 Steps’ formula to become rich.


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The first step is to be ambitious and should want success and excellence. We know that in 3 idiots, Amir Khan or Rancho concluded that we should not run toward success but in real life we also need to aim for success. 


Here I would like to quote his exact words 

میری ساری زندگی لوگوں سے کاروبارکرتے ہوئے گزری اور مجھے زندگی میں آج تک کوئی ایسا کاروبار نہیں ملا جس میں ہم ایک روپیہ لگائیں اور ستر روپے کمائیں۔یہ صرف اللہ سے کاروبار ہے جہاں تھوڑا سی انوسٹمنٹ سے ستر گنا منافع ملتا ہے۔


“I spent my whole life doing business with people but never saw any business in which we will get return of 70 Rs after investing just 1 Rs. This is the business with Allah where you will get the return 70 times for your minor investment”


I don’t think i need to elaborate more but we can witness the examples of his philanthropy. 


3 – Love your work

This one is a difficult task. 99% of the people we have in our surrounding are doing jobs they don’t give a damn for. Even I am one of the same type. Doing a 9 to 6 finance job of 9 hours and spending 1 hour going to office and 1 hour coming back from there. So conclusion is that I am spending 11 hours of my day working for a company, making millions for the owners who don’t even know my last name. 

So as per Malik Riaz we should select a work we love or at least love whatever we do. It is already said that

“Do something you love and you won’t have to work for the rest of your life” 




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