Baar Baar Dekho… was it really like the title ???

Baar Baar Dekho…!!

Really Baar Baar Dekho? Would You Really Watch It All Over Again ??

oh please…… one time is enough even if you are a die heart fan of Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra…..!!

Some says its a copy of english movie Adam Sandler’s Click and The Time Traveller’s Wife.

was it really a copy or just a span against this movie ??

personally i haven’t seen those english movies yet so i am really unable to justify… still can say english version would be much better as i have seen Knight and Day english and Indian bang bang a complete copy and very bad copy… Anyways back to the topic baar baar dekho… seriously ? would u try watching this movie twice??

at least i wont… 😛

the cute looks not only works on screen u have to do some acting as well…

Shorts hairs, changed looks, but same boring act…

Katrina please learn some acting… Why do i feel that katrina is loosing her charm…??? Extreme flat and same flat acting…

For Sid i will say he could have done a better job but it seems like he is as confused and fast as his time in movie or something somewhere was unfit un-match ….. pretty fast and pretty slow… both at the same timing…


or may b he has worked really good that from the time he is confused blocked and frustrated, from that moment the people involved in movie are feeling same blocked panicked frustrated….. aahhhh!!!!!

Hard to judge 😀

so the story starts with 2 different families from 2 different places, suddenly after 5 years one of the family shifted near or besides the other family, after 5 years of birth they met and since that day till now they are together with different approach and thinking and helping each other through day to day task and routine…

Here’s the twist, Sid is a math lover and teaches math in university where the girls because of his charm sit and make his period as long as possible and the other hand Kat is a painter artist waiting for Sid in the opening ceremony all upset because he was late very late like 5 hours late..

After that a dinner scene, where Sid says we are actually an old couple fighting and understanding and all such,… at this point Kat actually propose and as Sid reaction he has other plans but he cant refuse his best friend as he feels for her too but he is selfish…

Baar baar dekho.. aur zara gor se dekho 😀

so the confusion begin…

I like the songs…. they are bearable and good… dance music… its decent… 😛 may b … 😀


oh and there are so many lip lock scenes 😀

damn sid… u definitely have some luck 😉 

Nachde ne sare..

A song u would like to play at weddings…

Till this moment things are fine, happiness and chill out…

The tragedy begans from here… 😀

After the song, Kat gives a surprise to Sid where he abruptly burst out his true feelings and hurt Kat, she leaves the place all hurt and crying… while he is silent and frustrated as he is getting a golden opportunity of fulfilling his math dream research and he is all confused what to choose.. which way to opt, friend wife new life new phase or dream of becoming math and solving equations and ….. he was confuse between the equations and was trying to fix math in his real life…

Sid a math lover… he wants everything calculated… life should be calculated… calculator base.. weirdo…. he sleeps and thinks and thinks so much and so calculated future that he is loosing everything in his dream…


all drunk and sobbed in his feelings for math and Kat…

Day 10

Sau asmano ko aur do jahano ko chor k ai tere pass… 


This Flat Stomach…..

Honey b hai moon b hai 😀


Slept…. woke up with a delivery scene…

hospital baby and months gone….. like a blink…


he is all confuse…. running for answers….

and yet slept again….


Wakes Up in a class room…

now picked up by his son who is all grownup… and is now taking him home for the funeral of his mother where he finds out that the family he build was long gone… he got divorced and is now left all alone…. he starts running all over and wants thing normal… 

Dariyaaaaaa… another song!!!

In all this sleeping and waking awake….,

He is again up on one of the same days where he got yet another chance of changing things and this time he seriously chooses family over math… so basically everything should be in equilibrium… balance is what important in life… keep control on your life dont b extremist to one side… or u will be left all alone… So he spend day with family and make family as important in his life as everything else like math and he himself…

so finally he is asleep and awake ….


this time he is really up from dream and run for life, run for making up with Kat and they live happily ever after 😀

last track… wrap up track…

Kala Chasma..

ufff…. dance number…


These six packs, and the dance… i love it completely… <3

The story… it wasn’t something like making u hold your seat, its more like boring scenes, repeat scenes, u can skip some scenes and continue to watch again…. u wont feel u missed out on something but still its an average movie an average time pass type thing… though the actors had tried their best but still i personally felt some weakness..



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