Casting Couch experience of a guy who wanted to be an Actor


We have all been hearing myths and legends about casting couch experiences and things people face if they are in media industry. There are a number of famous personalities who claims to have crossed the Casting Couch. The list include Kangana Ranaut, Radhika Apte, Tisca Chopra and many more. 

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via: turbosquid

Well here I am about to tell you the real story of a guy who just wanted to be an actor. The story will be narrated in his own words and his name will not be revealed because he is a mashriqi guy and if his name is leaked


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Any way let me start

Back in 2008 I was just 19 years old and I was a really poor guy. I was just a student who used to travel in public buses like W18 and G25 and was not even providing some tuition. My monthly pocket money was just 700rs and somehow managed to buy a Motorolla C115. But dreams were big and I wanted to be famous so I started research to be an actor. There was an ad in a local newspaper saying

New faces of all age required for upcoming drama serial.

Contact 03etc-FalanaDhimaka 


The ad was like a ray of hope for me. I contacted that number and the recipient said

“University Road per Samama Shopping center dekha hai? Bas wahan ajao phir mujhe call karna main location samjha dunga screen test aur audition ki”

I looked at my saving and I had only 600rs. I asked my mother for some loan of 200 Rupee just to be on safe side but I was reminded of my result and how I let her down. Eventually she gave me a hundred rupee and I thanked God for it.

Left for Samama in my best clothes and praying in my heart to be selected. I called that number again while I was standing near the gol gappay wala people in front of Samama and the guy on the other side said

“Han oper aajao 4th floor per wahan shop number B-Blah pe ajana”

A little bit disappointed as I thought the audition would be in some cool office or in a giant production house type of bungalow but with excitement I went upstairs. All the shops on 4th floor were closed except one where I could see frames of Islamic quotes and show pieces were available. 

“Yeh shop nahi ho sakti” I said to myself wondering how a shop selling Islamic items could be a place for auditions and screen test.

I peeked inside and a dark, heavy and half bald man with measles welcomed me 

“Aray tum XXXXX ho na? Aajao Aajao.” I stepped inside “Tum to khoobsurat admi ho yar tumhe to bohat agay jana chahye”

I sat on a chair in that small shop


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via: youtube

“Mera naam MEHMOOD PREMI hai” he introduced himself “Mera naam suna hai?”

I shooked my head in disagreement 

“Main pehlay films mein aata tha yeh deko” He showed me some pictures standing with Shaan, Moammar Rana, Saima etc “Ab main sirf producer hun aur yeh shop to bas timepass karne banai hui hai”

“Ji acha” I managed to say only this 

“Dekho ARY pe new drama serial star honay wala hai os ke liye hum new faces dhund rahay hain. Tum to itne khoobsurat ho mujhe pura yaqeen hai tumhe chance zarur milega”

My motivation was rising. 


“Main tumhara abhi audition lunga aur phir next meeting mein tumhe screen test ke liye le jaunga. Lekin meri audition fee hai 500rs”

I gave him 500rs and he handed me a piece of paper which was some sort of a script and asked me to read it. 

I read that script giving my 100% emotions and expressions hoping to be selected. 

2 mins of my performance and he gave me a standing ovation 

“Bohat zabardast bohat zabardast” Infact he hugged me “Tumhe to pakka role milega main tumhe guarantee deta hun” 


via: knowyourmeme
via: knowyourmeme

He grabbed my wrist and made me sit near him on a black casting couch

“Ab meri baat bohat gour se suno. Ab se main tumhe daily auditions aur screen tests ke liye le k jaunga sara kharcha mera hoga tum samajh lo ab se main tumhara agent hun”

I was day dreaming

“Lekin tumhe khud ko tayyar karna hai. Tumhe nahi pata k yeh field kitni muskil hai. Yeh Atif Aslam aur Ali Zafar aise he agay nahi chalay gaye. Bohat QURBANI deni parti hai, bohat kuch khona parta hai, bohat mehnat karni parti hai.”


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via: ifunny

And his hands were caressing my thighs and reaching my crotch. 

“Tum samajh rahay ho na meri baat? Har chez qubool karni hogi aur har mushkil waqt ka samna karna hoga chahy koi tumse kuch bhi maang le”

And now his hand was on my butt.

I was sweating heavily and was unable to move due to the shock. This made me remember all the casting couch porn movies I have seen and I could see what was gonna happen. My hands were trembling and my heart was pounding heavily. I had to do something before it was too late. Made the decision and jumped from the couch and ran outside the shop not looking back. I could hear his voice shouting my name “Aray wapis aao baat to suno baat to suno”

But I didn’t want to give him my QURBANI so I ran and did not stop till i reached Johar Chorangi. 


Sorry for the long depressing sad story. . . Here is a casting couch theory to cheer you up

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via: ifunny



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