An Indian journalist asks Fawad Khan to leave India,and here is our answer !!!

Our stars going ineternational,or to Bollywood to be precise has always been a debate.Some have extremely supportive stance on this,while some are absolutely against it.Apparently,there is no in between.We have been seeing an open letter circulating on internet for last couple of days.The letter is addressed to Fawad Khan from an Indian writer SOUMYADIPTA BANERJEE,who apparently wants to hold Fawad Khan responsible for the attack on Indian army.Let’s have a look at this irrational piece of writing,from a so-called fan of Mr.Fawad Afzal Khan.

The letter clearly says that Bollywood has done a great favour to Fawad by giving him chance in some of the big banner flicks over the last couple of years.

The writer is trying to imply that all the work,money,fame and recognition Mr.Khan is getting in bollywood, is all because Indian film industry is being solely generous and doing all this out of charity.I mean SERIOUSLY????? Doesn’t this sound downright  lame? This is how Soumyadipta concludes his letter.

“Take care and let us know when you are getting your air tickets to Karachi done. We plan to give you a grand farewell.”

This letter has simply caused rage among Pakistanis and several writers have responded,defending FAK through their blogs and other pieces of writings. Mr.Soumyadipta thinks that we Pakistanis are an intolerant nation and could not handle a point of view that doesn’t match with our’s. Well,here is my take on that.

Dear neighbors,we are as free as you are:

We own Fawad Khan and every single person who belongs to our land.I don’t think it’s being intolerant. If our neighbors are entitled to their opinion and possess the right to express it.Same applies to us. If you think you have the right to bash Fawad Khan and our other artists who work in India. We similarly have all the right to defend our people.

There are no two ways about it that India has showered Fawad Khan with so much love. And as far as I remember,Fawad has always been very vocal about expressing his gratitude towards Indian fans and Indian film industry. Mr.Khan is now listed among one of the most talked about and in demand actors of bollywood. He is even considered as fourth Khan of bollywood,after Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amir Khan.He has bagged some of the biggest films that are in pipeline.

But the question is,is all this happening because India is being generous? And the answer is “NO”. Fawad Khan has made it big in bollywood purely on the basis of his acting skills,that were too obvious right from his first acting project. His irresistible looks played the role of fan to the fire. In short, Fawad Khan was too good to not to get noticed by India. And, lets suppose he was given his first chance out of CHARITY (I know it’s even hard to imagine),but somebody can’t make it as big as Fawad Khan has;just because bollywood is generous in giving him work. Today, Fawad Khan is working with all the big names of bollywood be it actors, producers or directors because he is extremely talented and Indians want to see him on THEIR big screens.

Art knows no boundries:

This might sound over exaggerated, but as Fawad’s die hard fan I believe that currently there is no actor in bollywood who is perfect combination of lethal acting skills and freaking hot looks, except Fawad Khan.

The open letter from a journalist who seems to be blinded by jingoism is a true sign of insecurity they possess. Artists are known to be conscience of a nation and they say “ART KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES”.

But writings like these that promote hatred,eventually become the reason of increasing tension between both countries and make both nations raged.

Moreover,if any day India doesn’t want our artists in their industry. They can always come back to Pakistan as we have an industry that is constantly progressing. And our love for our people will never run out.

However,let’s not forget that different people can have different view points in the same society.

On one hand we have Mr.Soumyadipta who demands Fawad Khan and all Pakistani artists to leave India,on the other hand we have seen some of the writers from India defending Fawad in their blogs.

Here is an open letter from Tulika Bathija,in response to Soumyadipta’s nuisance.

The charisma of Fawad Khan and other Pakistani artists:

I appreciate Tulika for such sane voice,and promoting cross-border exchange. I as Pakistani, believe that our artists in no way are at mercy of Indian film or music industry. It’s us who make our people stars and later India notices them. India doesn’t want Fawad in their movies and Atif or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to sing their songs because they are being generous.It’s because our celebrities truly worth it. They want to sell their movies and music using the aura and talent of our stars. I being a Pakistani, feel extremely proud of anyone who goes international and promotes softer image of Pakistan. The artists are the people who help shape the perception of the world about their country. They deserve all the respect and support from us.

Moreover, an important point here is; a pen possesses power beyond our imagination. If someone is blessed with writing skillls. They should be using it for contributing positivity, peace and love. A writer can influence readers’ mind big time. And writings that promote hatred would only add to the chaos this world is already dealing with. Let us not confuse politics with art. The art and artists should be celebrated and valued at both sides of the border, regardless of religion and ethnicity.

By: Sara Edwin,an educationist by profession,a part-time drama/movie critic and blogger by choice.A dreamer and believer by nature ?

instagram handle: saraedwin1

Twitter: @SaraEdwinTariq




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