Honest Youtube subtitles added to Coke Studio songs

Honest Youtube subtitles added to

Coke Studio songs

I am a big fan of Coke Studio. Despite of the fact that Coke Studio season 9 was not up to the mark. I still enjoyed every bit of it.

Last night I came across a twitter account. A Kewl Guy who tweeted a few hilarious pieces of honest subtitles added to coke studio’s songs. So I am compiling them here. 


Quratulain Baloch and Haroon

Believe me I am madly in love with Quratulain Baloch. I would have married her if she was a bit poor, in my league and knew that I exist.

But this is actually kind of valid the way they were yelling in the song “Baliye- Laung Gawacha”


Ali Azmat

Ahhh the vocals of Ali Azmat are powerful


Meesha Shafi 

Already she had so much glitter on face that it crossed my drawing project I made in class 5. Still that weird “Bhoolay Bhaalay” sound in the back was irritating AF. 


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan 


No no no this is so so wrong at many levels mocking the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Mehwish Hayat

I don’t think Lady Mehwish Hayat is gonna be offended by this one. She must be used to now. 



Even Abida Baji is tired of her


Nirmal Roy

I even heard that “Anta Kalbi” means you are my Dog in Arabic 

After drinking “BEBSI” 

Meesha Shafi



Came to Coke Studio after ruining Mazaak Raat


You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, raised by it.


This guy even reminds me of Gustavo Frings from The Breaking Bad



Now as Momina is engaged, I don’t like her voice or anything


Damia Farooq

This is really an Anokhi Baat


My true love Quratulain Baloch

She is indeed the Kailash Kher of Pakistani music industry


Shuja Haider

I don’t get the reason for shades.

Is this an initiative from Coke Studio to give employment to blind musicians?


Amjad Sabri

The last and the best one with all due respect. We miss you Sabri Sahab



By: Majid Khan



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