sink your fangs, And recall vampire diaries before its season finale

vampire diaries started seven years back when i was in seventh grade. This show has always been close to my heart, it has one of the beautiful and talented cast with phenomenal storyline. Vampire diaries showed us the paranormal world of Mystic fall and introduced us creatures like vampires, wolf, witches, hybrids, ghosts, originals and doppelgangers. Now that the vampire diaries season finale airing on 21st Oct, so before it end, lets freshen up our memories and recall vampire diaries characters who entertained us all these years

Lets start from my least favourite characters from the vampire diaries

         10. Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy Elena’s younger brother and vampire hunter, for me he has always been more like a douche bag. He was better dead i don’t know why Bonnie brought him back to life in expense of her own. Maybe love is what you call blind ? *sigh*

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              9. Tyler Lockwood

Most annoying and first ever werewolf appeared on the show. he was turned into hybrid by klaus after being trapped on other side he was resurrected and became werewolf again after triggering his curse. Later he finally left the town for our good. Nothing notifying in him ?

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             8. Matt Donovan

The only human member of the crew . He’s has been always the victim of paranormal activities regardless of that he’s there to help his friends everytime. Well according to this years speculation he might become vampire . see what store in here for him but whatever happens I just wish he become as stronger as his friends

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Via: tumblr

            7 . Bonnie bennet

The bad ass witch of mystic falls Bon! Bon! Never failed to impress us with her magics. She proved herself to be  one of the most important character, in her absence everyone feels kind of hobbling  and paralyzed. she was once shunted by ancestors, practiced black magic got trapped in other world but that doesn’t stops her as she became more stronger by time. ? immensely a super magical girl

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            6. Caroline Forbes

The most bubbly, chirpy, beautiful ex miss mystic fall. She started off as  immature insecure and acquisitive girl but after turning into  vampire her personality startling changed into something more mature brave and amazing person. Now she’s the mother of two lovely twin daughters

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Although her love life never lasted for long. She first started dating Matt after sometime it ended for good then Tyler, Alaric and now she’s with her best friend Stefan which is more like a forced relationship. I don’t know what writers ships in them. however my favourite was and still is with klaus mikelson.


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          5. Katherine pierce

The best ever and more entertaining. Albeit she was semi antagonist. But i loved everything about her. Her talkings, her sarcasms,her devilish smile and the way she tilted her head! indeed she was a complete package. She fooled Salvatore brothers for many years and died during season 5. i miss her soo much ?? .

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I remember her first official appearance in 2×1 where she utter her famous dialogue “hello john! Goodbye john”  and gashed uncle john’s fingers like, slashing a boiled potatoes. Just loved it. Poor uncle john ?

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         4. Klaus mikelson and

                   The Originals

Kalus mikelson the best thing ever happened on the vampire diaries. The ancient 1000 year old and most powerful immortal in the world. First i hated him because he killed aunt Jenna, just to break the curse and get back his hybrid form (half vampire half wolf). Then i started to cherish him. He has a ruthless dominant self. He’s every move was to become more powerful than ever. His accent and the way he says LOVE. So heart melting <3 

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He and his siblings are the originals! that is the first ever vampires in the history of world. Their story was so captivating that they have got their own spin off show THE ORIGINALS on CW, its season 4 will premiere on jan 2017.

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Another best thing was his and Caroline relationship. It was one sided and now that they have parted goodbyes and busy in their own shows. Yet still like a crazy i ship them so much and waiting for a miracle they somehow get back together. klaroline forever  ^_^ 


             3. Stefan Salvatore

The younger Salvatore brother and Silas doppelganger . The one who struggled his lust for blood. Who haS a sinister past and virtuous present but that also goes away whenever he shuts his humanity off. Apart from that he is damn handsome with his Brown hair colour and forest green eyes.

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Via: purefandom

               2. Elena Gilbert

She’s like a jugular vein to the Salvatore brothers. The cute innocent beautiful human doppelganger  turned vampire . A perfect love triangle ever encountered between two brothers  because of this young beauty. Though she’s now with Damon after breaking up with Stefan and is currently having peaceful slumber giving a sigh of relief to Delena and Stelena shippers.

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             1. Damon salvatore

On his first troublesome entry with his mischievous smirk and a racy glint in his eyes i  thought he is some anti hero, later i realized that he is one of the lead character of the vampire diaries. A hottest vampire ever existed and one cannot stop drooling over that hunky look and listen to his on point humour. His countenance are ice cold but we all know how compassionate he is, to whom he loves.

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And the best part is no matter what differences these two brothers might have, they will always look out for each other

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