Interfaith marriages in our society: an unspoken taboo

We all must have gone through a phase in life,when we fall for someone we know we can’t be with forever. There can be number of reasons for not being able to make your relationship work out. But,one of the most common reasons is different religion. Two people who are in love are faced with the toughest challenge when both the partners profess different faith. Just to make clear,here I am not trying to make an argument against or for interfaith marriages. Through this platform I’m just trying to figure out why an interfaith marriage is considered controversial ?


Why a taboo?

Most of us (if not all ) surely believe that choosing a life partner should be one’s personal choice with no external interference and influence. But, ironically in our society marriages are decided on the basis of social status, same castes, financial status etc. The point to ponder is, why interfaith marriages are considered a taboo? If two people, want to be together despite of all the differences they have in terms of faith why is it not acceptable for the society? Why it’s mandatory to fall in love with someone who professes the same religion? Why society has an objection,if both the partners agree on giving each other the space to practice their respective religion? At the end of the day,it’s the couple who has to face the challenges of an inter-religion marriage and not the society.


Challenges faced by interfaith couples:

Opposition from families:

The toughest part in an interfaith relation is to convince both families to give their consent. Every couple wants to get married to their love of life along with the blessings of their loved ones. But,breaking the news to the family that you are in a relationship with someone professing a different faith could be one hell of a shock in our society. A lot of couples give up on each other and their relationship when they fail to convince the families. And,somehow if a couple will succeed in getting their families’ consent,there are even more complex situations waiting for them in future. 

Facing the society:

In a society like our’s where interfaith marriages are still not easily acceptable it’s hard to prove that you haven’t done something disgraceful. Apparently, an interfaith couple has to fight the stereo-typical mindset of the society in order to gain acceptance and respect for their relationship,as a wedded couple.


Adjusting with your partner’s way of life:

Religion is not only about a holy book,place of worship or religious festivals. It’s a way of life. Sometimes,it becomes very hard to come to terms with a fact that everything that goes on around you cannot be according to your will or choice. Every religion teaches positive virtues and values. But, still there are always few basic ideoligies that seperate one religion from another. Seeing your partner practice something, you do not agree with can be the toughest thing to deal with in an interfaith marriage. 

What religion children are going to profess? 

Having children is one of the most important decision a couple has to make. But,for an interfaith couple it can be a little more challenging than the couple practicing same religion. Both husband and wife own their children at same level. So,there could possibly be disagreement on so many things after having children. From deciding children’s name to deciding which religion they are going to profess,could be an emotional battle throughout  for both the partners.

Does love conquer all ?

A couple can be in love truly,madly,deeply. But, let’s not forget having disagreements is very much natural even in couples sharing same religion. Avoiding conflict can be harder when you are in an interfaith relationship. Marriage is one of the most important decisions of one’s life. Sometimes the couples who do not practice same religion have the most amazing compatibility. You fall for someone head over heels. And when someone is love-struck they get all the courage to face the challenges that go hand in hand with these type of marriages. However, before entering into an interfaith marriage both partners should think twice.They should go for it only when they both are absolutely sure that they want to make the relationship work no matter what.

By: Sara Edwin,an educationist by profession,a part-time drama/movie critic and blogger by choice.A dreamer and believer by nature ?

instagram handle: saraedwin1

Twitter: @SaraEdwinTariq

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