Abu Sin the Saudi teenage kid is jailed for flirting on facetime

via: tunenow
via: tunenow


A few days back I passed a hilarious video where an Arab teenager Abu Sin was trying to flirt with a Blogger from United States. 


Here is the episode 1 of how they actually started 




The things to note down is that first of all Abu Sin got crooked teeth, looks like he got hit on his face by a shovel and on the other hand that blogger girl Christina is a gorgeous lady. Christina looks like Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones. 

Anyway we should not criticize the looks but there’s a damn language barrier. The guys only speaks Arabic and the girl English. He wasn’t even able to tell his age to the girl.

Okay if you are ready to ignore the language barrier Abu Sin is not more than 14 years of age still he got the hots for that girl and claims to be of 20 years. 



When I lived in Bahrain I learned one thing from clubs that I need to be a great dancer if I wanna make an impact on European, Italian and Spanish chicks. So I properly got classes for Salsa which actually worked. 

The kid now reminds me of my struggle when he showed his dancing skills to Christina


This was really really really disturbing for me. Their love life kept going on for months but when something is meant to happen eventually it will happen. 



You will never witness love without hardships and crisis. Abu Sin apparently forgot which country he lives in. A country where a man is deported for being too damn sexy. Abu Sin made the mistake of falling in love while living in that country. 

He is reportedly arrested for going against Shariah Law and flirting with Christina on Facetime. He may face up to 3 years of prison time which is quite onerous for a kid of his age. 

Even his arrest was recorded on facetime. 


This actually broke my heart in so many pieces.



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