An open letter from Srinagar, Kashmir to whole Pakistan


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via: tripadvisor

Since childhood I have been reading and watching news about how Kashmiris are treated in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Women are raped, youth murdered in front of their families, old men are roughly treated. This went for long and people of other parts of Pakistan became used to of such news.

Many political parties used to chant for Kashmir but only during election or while protesting against the government of their time.

Even I became immune to such news and nothing really mattered to me as it was always in news and when something is always in news, it is no longer a news.

During the last couple of years I was living and working in Bahrain. There I met and became friends with a number of people including Indians. Indians were no doubt really good friends whether they were Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. Honey Soni, Rahul, Subramani and Mohsin. I miss them now. We never talked about any religious difference and always avoided political discussions.


Recently the news of Pallet guns attack and the excessive Indian terrorism in Kashmir created a buzz all over but still we tried to avoid discussing these issues there. Mohsin Masoodi was from Srinagar in Kashmir and we used to call him Haider because of that Shahid Kapoor movie.

Few days back when I went to play snooker with Mohsin. Then at a sheesha cafe I asked him a number of personal questions.

For me all the information I got from him were unbiased statements because it was of no use for him to lie to me. So I am gonna write down everything in his own words.



“Hamaray pass 98% population Muslims ki hai aur hum sab obviously Pakistan ko join karna chahte hain. Lekin bas ab hamare mujahideens ko support nahi hai. Musharraf k time tk humein Pakistan se support milti thi lekin 2006 k end se humari sari support band hogaye.

India aik bohat he slow game khel raha hai jis ko hum “Time Delay” kehtay hain. Hamare Srinigar mein koi companies nahi hain, koi achi universities nahi hain kyun ke India aisi koi organization anay nahi deta. Reason yeh hai ke agar yahan pe education aur jobs nahi hongi to youth ko education ke liye aur earn karne Mumbai, Banglore, Delhi side jana parega. Jab city change karengay to dusre area mein unke roommates Indians aur Hindus hongay jo k buray loog nahi hain, buri to government aur politics hai. Anyway jab woh Indians k saath rahengay to slowly mindsets change hongay aur woh India ko he favour karna start kar dengay.

Yeh aik slow poison hai aur time consuming process hai lekin phir bhi effective hai. Jab sari youth he Kashmir se chali jayegi to Jihad karne koi baqi nahi hoga. Koi Indian army per patthar marnay wala bhi nahi baqi hoga.

Musharraf ke time tak sab behtar tha humein umeed thi ke agay bhi sab acha hoga but 10 saal honay walay hain aur koi umeed nahi ban rahi. Ab bhi agar Pakistan ne hamara saath nahi dia to bohat dair hojayegi aur sari youth he hamaray haath se nikal jayegi. Yeh main akela nahi kehta, Occupied Kashmir ka har musalmaan kehta hai”


“98% of our population is Muslim and we obviously wanna join Pakistan. But now our mujahideens are not getting the require support. We were getting regular support till the era of Musharraf but since like the end of 2006 it stopped completely.

India is playing a slow game we call “time Delay”. There are no companies in our Srinigar, no reputable universities or educational institutes because India won’t allow it. Reason behind it is that if  there is no education and career in Kashmir then the youth will move to Mumbai, Delhi or Banglore etc for career. After changing the city they will have to manage living with pure Indians who are not bad people. They are same peace loving and just wanna live happily. It is the Indian government who is the culprit. Anyway while living with Indians their minds will slowly begin to change and they will start favoring India. This is a slow poison and time consuming process but eventually it will help them achieve their goal. When the whole youth will leave Kashmir then nobody will be left to fight against Indian army even using stones.

We had hope till the time of Musharraf but now almost a decade has passed and we are losing hope. If still after facing so much we are not supported by Pakistan then it will be too late and we will lose all of our youth. I am not the only one who says this, Every Muslim living there will say the same”



Right now he is not in contact with me but I do wish for his safety and the betterment of whole Kashmir.



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Majid Khan

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