Bin Royeeee… Once Again on Air, this time as a drama..!!

Bin Roye

Again going to be on air… Watch Bin Roye every sunday at 8pm on humtv only…

Would it justify the novel ? the movie ?
Who is really gonna wait and watch it ?
Will it be having songs ?
First novel then movie and now the drama ?

Do you really think its worth ??

The title did not match with the script at all… it say bin roye, when in movie they have cried from start till end and so powerful act that even the audience could not stop crying…

it was a movie back then, now is the time for a drama… but wait what ??

seriously ??? after a so cool movie do you agree for the same drama ??

the movie actually did end in 3 hours … but drama…. are they gona make it a bit more chewy ??

or they are gona make it rapid just like movie? how will this start ? will the glitches be off board this time??

for all of the above questions we have to wait and watch …..

i was in love with the songs… all of them…


Starting with the tradition…

bangles and mehandi, after this every time on eid i personally make so much noise i too want to go and buy it on chand raat … the fun and everything was beautifully captured…

the traditional mehandi song… the dance new entry for one song adeel hussain… lovely…


the sad song, but my most fav… muala muala and bin kahye suno o yaara… <3

Mahira khan too beautiful to handle her charm….


the movie was on air last year and after that the movie was once again screened in cinema’s… demand… twice this movie was in cinema, but this movie kept its all rights hidden, it wasnt available on any of the channels or internet….

why does it happen ? Pakistani movies are never available on any of the website…
Why ??? it should be available so that the consumer can watch any time they want.. but hold on this is pakistan and it doesnt support any ease to the consumer… :S

Coming back to the topic…

really excited for bin roye, 
mahira khan
humayon saeed
armeena rana khan

the act the songs dance mehandi and churiyan… The classy ending…. hayeeeeeee…. i just recalled the complete movie… i have no idea how would i resist and wait for another sunday to come and fulfil it….. 

why m i the only one so obsessed with this movie so freaking much???

any ways let see how it turns out… a movie into a drama now…. hopefully it gathers all the attention back… <3

tell us Ur views about Bin Roye if you have seen…. and in case you have missed it out then oh i m so sorry for spoiling out Ur suspense, but you are missing out so much drama sadness i hope they dont really do chewy prolonging the scenes which could have been a little short….  

the level of excitement is increasing and i am waiting helplessly…

i m so confused yet so excited cant wait to watch it all over again yet cant wait for every sunday 8pm only on humtv….

so many questions … unanswered… time will tell or the inner resource 😛

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