Khan needs to understand, war is not the time for DHARNA


I am a simple Karachi guy. Spent whole of my life in Karachi. During my whole life in Karachi I saw MQM looting people. Not a single year passed when we not not given a book of fitra on eid ul fitr or we were not threatened for sacrificial hides during eid ul azha days. Murdering people and bori wali laash was their daily routine.  We always hated them but learned to live with this harsh reality that we have to bear them. Then in 2008 elections our very beloved Zardari came into power and we lost all the hopes. But after 2009 Imran Khan started to come into limelight and we got out hopes back.

via: thenews
via: thenews

Aftar the Jalsa on 25th of December 2011 in Karachi we were very much motivated that this guy will be the salvation if Pakistan. Imran Khan will save our city from the goons of MQM.

He had his own charm, his own charishma and a passion which we could see in his eyes. The best part was that it was easy to distinguish him with others. Apart from his colorful personal life Not a single charges of corruption.


We loved him when he bashed Babar Ghauri for his Africano children



We supported you in 2013 elections and we supported you when you said the elections were rigged. You were supported by us despite of the fact that you took a number of u-turns a number of times but we had faith in your aims and objectives. We supported you during Dharna and sat at D-Chowk for a quarter of an year.

We still love you and we still support you but we do have the right to criticize you if you are doing something wrong.


Right now after Uri attack a great number of things have changed. Nawaz Sharif raised the issue of Kashmir in UNGA. Despite of the panama leaks issue and other corruption scandals we have to appreciate the individual acts too.

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via: geo

After the shitty so called surgical strike of India the opposition like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi are appreciating Modi. So why can’t we appreciate our Prime Minister for the time being during war times?

We all know Nawaz Sharif is corrupt and got no love for his country or people but during this time when India is trying to isolate Pakistan by every means we have to be together.

Think yourself when the whole nation is thinking about what’s gonna happen as a war is probable right now. Who is gonna come to another dharna while we are on a verge of war. Imran Khan needs to understand that each things looks good at its own time. This is the time for unity. We have to show the world that we are united against the Indian terrorism.


Imran Khan just for once I would request you please no dharna talk right now. We know about Panama issue and we are not going to forgive it but this is not the right time. We will support you once this war stuff is over but right now stand with Nawaz Sharif against Modi. Be a good advisor to Nawaz Sharif and support him for the time being.

We supported you when you ended the dharna after APS attack as that was the need of that time. Please do the right thing and people will love you for that.


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Majid Khan

A finance guy + Comics By Majid + Occasional Blog Writer + Script writer + Snooker Player + Heavy eater + Motivational speaker + Entrepreneur + Ex lecturer + Whatever you wanna add

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