Indian Actress Sara Khan is safe in Pakistan

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via: nyoozflix


I remember Sara Khan from the tv serial Bidaai. She played niece of the most sanskaari guy on planet “Alok Nath” and the cousin cum sister of Parul Chauhan. 

To be honest that serial was stupid and lame. But still I used to watch that because I was also stupid, lame and a retard back then. Maybe I still am. 

via: india-forums
via: india-forums

She is really really cute and beautiful and looks like a perfect wife material.


Right now circumstances are 100% changed after URI attack. India blamed Pakistan for the uri attack, Nawaz Sharif openly supported Kashmir and Burhan Wani at UNGA, India conducted some sort of surgical strike which in no way affected Pakistan. But still hatred on the side of Indians forced our stars like Mahira, Fawad Khan, Imran Abbas, Ali Zafar and Rahat Fateh Ali to leave India for their security. 

We do have differences with Indians. We also blame RAW for the disturbance in Kashmir and terrorism in Balochistan but we proved to be a better and generous nation. 

Sara is currently in Pakistan shooting for a TV show and her parents are too much worried due to ban imposed by IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association) on Pakistani actors. 

She says, “My family is extremely concerned and I try to calm them down all the time. There’s nothing to worry about. In fact, my Pakistani colleagues go out of their way to make me feel safe. People here are warm and hospitable. I will be home on October 6.”

She further added “It’s disturbing to see so much tension between the two countries. People here are praying that the unrest ends soon. Whenever something like this (terror attack) happens, Pakistanis fear that they will be blamed for it.”

About IMPAA’s ban, she says, “I don’t support it. Art has to be above politics. Artistes believe in spreading love, peace and brotherhood. I want to emphasise that terrorism in any form, anywhere, needs to be condemned unequivocally. I hope India and Pakistan can bridge their differences and work towards peace and understanding.”


Her comments clearly shows how good and generous Pakistani people are. This makes me really proud of us. 

On the other hand if you look at the comments of Indians on different forums like Times of India, ScoopWhoop etc you will see their rage and hatred for something they are not even sure of.

Well that’s a great difference between us and we are determined to maintain it. We will show everyone we are better as a nation.


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Majid Khan

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