The name which really appeared on Moon ?

Last night a new debate started whether the name of Hazrat Hussain (R.A.) appeared on the moon or not. . . 

The Hatred

Well this is a fact. Not all but a lot of Sunnis got Hatred for Shia people and a great number of Shia hates Sunnis but usually we are living in harmony throughout the year.

Rest of the year we are living together, working in the same offices and eating together. 

But the scenario changes during two seasons. 

Moharram and Rabi ul Awwal.

In Moharram our Shia brothers are having their crucial days and not bothering others but our Sunni people are active to tease them. 

In Rabi ul Awwal our sunni people are celebrating the birth of our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) but at that time even a great majority of Sunnis are busy making fun of them. 


  Okay we need to accept a few things. We are ourself responsible for some of the things. Rabi ul Awwal is a month when we were blessed with the arrival of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and we can’t even imagine the blessings of this month. But we are also responsible for making fun of ourself. Our contribution toward science, environment and society is minimum in modern era and we are busy in making Madni Tayyaras

via: twitter
via: twitter


P.S. I do know about the contributions of Jaber Ibn Hayan and Al Beroni etc so there is no need to remind me of their contribution. I am talking about the modern education. 

While even our neighbor country started its space mission to Mars. Our people were looking at Moon to find out a name written on it. 

Obviously this will encourage others to make fun of us. Try challenging the norms of our people and you will be declared a kaafir by the Sunnis and Yazid by Shias. 

Not the hatred

In my opinion it is not actually the hatred in our hearts. Its actually the mischief and people are teasing each other’s beliefs just to pass their time

When I saw the news that name of Hussain (R.A) appeared on moon I ran to my roof top and look at it but found out it appeared only on the moon of Shia people


Some people even claimed that the name written on Chaand is photoshopped


This is the best picture



Once again I want to make it clear that I am a Muslim having complete faith on my Allah and I do believe in miracles. I have seen miracles in my life and prayers being answered. So it is easy for Allah to make any name appear on moon or whatever he want. But just don’t limit your abilities and efforts to looking for names at moon, bread, animal or a tree. Increase your vision, indulge yourself in activities which may contribute toward society, science and environment. Show the better image of Muslims to the world. 




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Majid Khan

A finance guy + Comics By Majid + Occasional Blog Writer + Script writer + Snooker Player + Heavy eater + Motivational speaker + Entrepreneur + Ex lecturer + Whatever you wanna add

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