When your sexual trauma is being made fun of by people you care for

via: mcbhc
via: mcbhc


We all know that sexual abuse is something wrong. But surprisingly if you report something to your parents or friends your mouth with be shut. Worse may happen and people will start mocking you.

A young lady on twitter @PedestrianPoet started a thread asking people to share their experience if anyone made fun of their trauma of sexual abuse.



The response was surprisingly high and we can see how even your closed ones may be making fun of your worst moments


This will make you think who to confide in your deep secrets


What kind of a sick asshole do you have for a boyfriend?


I know he couldn’t do much but at least he could have informed her parents



How can a father let it happen to his daughter AGAIN?


This will happen in Pakistan even if you are wearing burka



You need to understand now in today’s world guys want to do it as they reach 14


Who wants to make a stalker story


14 years old are not actually supposed to have a boyfriend :s


The mother should look back at her upbringing


Who can you trust when not even your father?


Whatever happened nut now thank God you are safe and alive


I feel sorry just hearing that :s


Sometimes even the father deserves punishment

Ummmmm I don’t have words


What kind of a reason is this :s


Sisters are supposed to be like mothers


Some abusers have conscience too


Even guys are prone to sexual abuse


The thread helped us to know more about what happens when a victim tries to open up. 

In the end we can only request you kindly look after your kids. Don’t ignore your child if he/she is facing something. The nightmare may haunt them for the rest of their lives.





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