Why Pakistani Music is limited to OSTs and Coke Studio??

The other day I was looking for some new music to add on my playlist as I am pretty much done with the tracks I already have on it. After, searching for an hour or so I found few tracks that successfully grabbed my attention with their catchy beats or soulful lyrics.

However, I realized that despite of trying real hard I could not find anything new that was “Made in Pakistan”. All those new songs were either from western singers or Bollywood. And, that kind of triggered my mind to write this. Well, there are no two ways about it that I absolutely love Pakistani music. We all do, don’t we? But, why there isn’t enough music being produced in Pakistan to keep music lovers engaged all through the year?

The Music Seasons

We recently witnessed awesomeness of Coke Studio Season 9. Although, it’s been quite a while since the last episode of the season was aired, but we all still have the tracks on repeat mode in our play lists. I feel extremely proud of the quality of music, produced by platforms like Coke Studio or Nescafe Basement. But, at the same time I feel Coke Studio and Nescafe Basement is the only time of the year when the music is talked about in Pakistan and we get to listen to new music (that too, covers or remixed versions of old songs).


Why don’t we see enough new music being produced ?

A few months back, a video clip got viral on internet in which Ali Azmat was bashing Umair Jaswal and other singers for covering old songs and not making an effort to produce new music. Let’s have a look at the video clip first.

The way Ali was talking about the singers that are way junior to him, wasn’t appreciated at all. The video later turned out to be a publicity stunt for an upcoming concert. But, whatsoever was the motive behind it the thing that needs attention is that Ali had a point. It is an undeniable fact that our music industry is not producing enough “NEW” music. There is nothing wrong in covering old songs, in fact it helps to keep the classics alive in new era and the current generation doesn’t lose touch with the masterpieces created in the past. However, we do need something new every now and then.

The melodious OSTs

Pakistan is such a fertile land, when it comes to producing good musicians who are capable of taking the world by storm with their talent. Yet, we get to listen new songs from OUR singers only when they sing an OST for a Drama or for a movie across the border. And let us all admit that we are all huge fans of Pakistani Drama OSTs. They are so exquisitely written, composed and sung. That proves our industry definitely does not lack creativity.

It feels proud beyond measures to see singers like Rahat Fateh Ali, Atif Aslam, Shafqat Amanat Ali and many others representing the country so well all over the world. But, still we all want something that is purely “Pakistani” and we want it frequently.

Time to prove yourself, rockstars !!

We do understand that the music industry hasn’t got any support from the government or any other source, but same goes for movie industry. We all know what awful issues our film industry was faced with, a few years back. But people from the industry took initiative, made efforts and invested to revive the movie industry. And, today we are proud of the work that is being done in the film industry. Music industry too, is in a desperate need of such initiatives and efforts. Pakistan is blessed with so much talent and versatility in music field. The musicians just need to produce new music and do it more often. I miss the days and the excitement when new albums of Junoon,Vital Signs, Noori, Aaroh, Shahzad Roy, Abrar ul Haq, Atif Aslam, Jal used to release. I hope we could witness that excitement again, real soon.


By: Sara Edwin,an educationist by profession,a part-time writer/blogger by choice.A dreamer and believer by nature ? 


instagram handle: saraedwin1

Twitter: @SaraEdwinTariq

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