Wrong job – Biggest frustration of life


Everyday when I wake up at 6:55 I hate myself, I hate my life and I hate everything. Then I take around 10 mins just to get up off my bed. When I am on my way to my office, I hate what I am gonna do at my office, I hate my job. And imagine how much I hate pretending to be nice to everyone over there.

via: career profiles
via: career profiles

This is not just my story. This is the scenario of 90% of my friends.

I am a finance professional. My remuneration is fine. My family is happy as I provide a lot for them. But am I really happy?

Some people call ma Naa-Shukra and some people call me immature but this is not the case. I am really thankful to Allah for all he has given me. My bosses and immediate managers are nice people. They help me a lot but still if someone is not happy with his/her job what may be the reason?


The Traveller

I am the eldest child of my parents. Being an eldest child will obviously mean you are a ray of hope for your parents. After clearing my intermediate I wanted a career with a lot of international travelling. In my whole khandan we have no concept of CAREER COUNSELLING. So I ended up in accounts. Now after getting a job sitting in a cubicle for 9 hours every day I hate myself for not being able to do what I always wanted. Now I am 28 years old and the age of taking risks passed away 3 years ago. I have to live with it for the rest of my life. (Rushan)


The Business Guy

I was never patient with getting shit from others. I always wanted a business. My dreams were not high I just wanted a small setup where I can sit the way I like, staff of like 3-4 people was okay for me and I just wanted steady income from my business and a peaceful life. But I am from a middle class family. My parents are risk averse and I was reminded of my responsibilities when I consulted them. Then after a few days I was silenced. Now I am living a silent life. I am a also a finance guy doing same thing for like 3 years and I know that I will be doing the same for the rest of my life. (Waqas)


The Artist

I was always an awesome artist. My artworks and projects got many awards throughout my school time. But my mom said “Painter banega pagal hogaya hai kya? chup chap engineering mein admission lo”.  That’s it. I was unable to get fine marks in intermediate pre-engineering so I opted for B.Com after that and now I am just a book keeper. I wish I was a bit rebel to protest for my right that time. (Sarmad)


These are just a few scenarios but we know hundreds of people like them.

A major problem is that we don’t have the culture of career counselling. Desi parents are mostly aware of Doctors, Engineers and Chartered Accountants and any other fields are usually considered useless. Due to this majority of people wind up in these fields but end up getting no where. Huge number of chartered accountancy students quit after 5-6 attempts.


Society is another great problem in this regard. A great many professions are being looked upon. Think if you wanna open a salon you will be called a “Naaye”, cooks are referred to as “BAWARCHI”, Singers as “Meerasi” and actors as “Nachaiyye”. 

Talent is not something given due importance. If you are a great singer people will accept your talent as far as a hobby is concerned. But once you decide to pursue a career in music you will be bashed with fatwas and problems in rishtas will also arise. Scenario is worse when it comes to a girl. . . 

So to encounter these issues guys usually look for desk jobs so to provide for their family and to maintain the ghar ki izzat. 

Well a few days back I encountered a video of Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones and his words were enough to make me think and plan for long. His words were the best “It sucks after graduation”


Well I have not shared my story but I am still trying to make things right. 



From the diary of my friend Ahsan Khalid

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Majid Khan

A finance guy + Comics By Majid + Occasional Blog Writer + Script writer + Snooker Player + Heavy eater + Motivational speaker + Entrepreneur + Ex lecturer + Whatever you wanna add

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