Dumpukht – The serial getting better every episode


Well in our previous analysis the very dear writer told us how Dumpukht is challenging society norms. It highlighted the personal and private side of Peers and Gaddi Nasheens.

The mesmerizing OST  “Ishq te Aatish” was enough to let us know how good the serial is. But the fine quality acting on Noman Ijaz, Saman Ansari and Sonia Mishaal worked hard to capture the audience. Even the characters like Nimmo (Aamna Malick) and Haroon Bhai are able to make an impact due to the high quality direction. 



Usually we have seen that a lot of time there is hype when a serial is launched and after 7-8 episodes people start hating it (which is the case with famous “Mere to Maa Baap Bhi Nahi Hain“). 

But here we are witnessing the exact opposite. When the serial started I felt it is a lot musical and the turn of events was too slow. But with the end of every episode I couldn’t stop myself watching the next one. 

Same is the condition with other people who are watching it. 


Okay the turn of events are a bit funny (I hope anyone from the Dumpukht team won’t mind whatever I say).  SPOILER ALERT for those who are planning to watch

The Peer Sahab is married to the beautiful lady Saman Ansari still he fell for Kulsoom (Sonia Mishaal). That is something unbelievable. I mean Sonia is indeed a beautiful girl but Bibi Sahiba got a class so high which anyone will be unable to reach. Its a bit same like you are married to Hillary Clinton and still got the hots for Monica. Here’s a piece of advice for Peer Sahab “Your wife is beautiful and classy and pregnant. Take care of her and don’t be a douchebag”

Coming toward another thing. The peer couple is quite modern. Normally peers are not shown in any serial due to the sensitivity of topic (threats of fatwa brigade). But whenever a peer is shown in a serial he will be like full Shista and Saaf urdu. Here the couple is English medium Co education meeting their mureeds at the same place and peer sahab has no issue if a female mureed is kissing his hand. *HAWWW NAA MEHRAM*. Peer sahab was also seen once stalking his ex on social media.

Okay another problem is the mother of Kulsoom. She is never happy and I never saw her smiling throughout the serial. Thats quite unreasonable. Believe me if you cut your head and place it on her feet she will say “Sahi nahi kata kambakht” 

Haroon bhai is like a self ghulaam. Now he got Sonia Mishaal as his wife but I am very much sure he is not gonna touch her until he got permission from his Murshid Saeen.

Bilal is useless as a white color pencil just lying there on a chaarpai doing nothing at all. Get up man go and kill that Haroon Bhai and peer sahab

Nimmo is irritating and hyper active AF but I still love her <3 She is cute so I will have to stop myself from commenting on other factors. Anyway being unbiased I would say her acting is really impressive. 

Finally I would like to ask Mrs. Peer to keep an eye on her husband and stop him from meeting that Khalifa again and again.


Majid Khan
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Majid Khan

A finance guy + Comics By Majid + Occasional Blog Writer + Script writer + Snooker Player + Heavy eater + Motivational speaker + Entrepreneur + Ex lecturer + Whatever you wanna add

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