5 Inspirations You Can Find From Meesha Shafi’s Instagram

image source: hotstarz.info
image source: hotstarz.info

Pakistani celebrities are pretty good when it comes to handling their Instagram accounts. We all know how Americans loved our Pakistani actors and actresses by just viewing their Instagram. Meesha Shafi missed the list in the video and we don’t understand why because her Instagram is full of inspiration. Here are some inspirations that you can find on her Insta feed:


1. Inspiration to stay fit and healthy:

Her Instagram feed is full of yoga postures and fitness methods, so if you’re a couch potato like me and need to burn some calories, you know where to head over to get some motivation for a workout session.




It is humanly impossible for me to do this!



2. Inspiration to travel:

She calls herself a globetrotter, frequently uses the hashtag ‘girl on the go’ and there is no doubt about it, one moment she is in Toronto and the next in NYC. #IAmSeriouslyJealousOfYou



Is this place for real? ??? #travelogue #girlontheGo #mothernature #traveldiaries

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OMG! Saw so many rainbows today ??? Mother Nature ❤️? #meeshashafi #travelogue #traveldiaries #globetrotters ???

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on


#NY ? #girlontheGO #travelogue

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on


Lake Michigan ⛅️⛅️☀️ #meeshashafiLIVE #UStour #concertTOUR #traveldiaries2016?

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on


I ❤️ dilli #MeeshaShafiLIVE

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on


3. Inspiration to love and cherish your family:

Meesha knows how to keep a balance between work and family and her Instagram is the virtual proof of it. She never misses a chance to show love and affection towards her mother, husband, and kids.


Khushian ❤️ #eidmubarak ? ? credit- @farishafi

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on





4. Inspiration to love your work:

Be it acting, modeling or singing, she excels at everything.




Ready! Set! Go! @alixeeshantheaterstudio #PLBW15 #MeeshaShafi

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on


5. Inspiration to live life to the fullest:

Looking at her Instagram really does feel like she enjoys each and every moment in her life and is extremely thankful for everything that she has. Meesha, you go girl!



? #globetrotters ??? #travelogue #niagarafalls #traveldiaries #meeshashafi #girlontheGO #canada

A photo posted by Meesha Shafi (@meesha.shafi) on


 image courtesy: instagram.com/meesha.shafi


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